Bespin Labs supports Pennine Distribution and Training with Patronum, the Google Workspace Manager.

Pennine Distribution and Training Ltd (PDTL) is a family run business that provides professional, specialised driver training from basic car and trailer, through to Large Goods Vehicles.  In addition to training LGV drivers, PDTL also provides experienced drivers to some of the largest logistics companies in the UK.

At the beginning of 2021, PDTL contacted Bespin Labs to help them with their overall strategy and management of their IT estate. As an existing Google customer using Google G Suite, Bespin Labs helped PDTL make the transition to Google Workspace and help maximise the value and investment they had already made in Google Cloud. In addition to Google Cloud, Bespin Labs also helped PDTL automate the driver training and booking process with the introduction of a new web store. This included the implementation of Zapier, in order to automate the collection of attendees driver documentation and Zoom registration via the online store that was built within the existing PDTL website.

Google Workspace Manager
Andrew Kuszczak – Business Developement Manager

Google Workspace Management

Utilising Patronum, the Google Workspace management platform, Bespin Labs provided PDTL with a complete managed service for their Google Cloud infrastructure.

Andrew Kuszczak, PDTL Business Development Manager stated “Due to the growth of online purchasing, our business has grown to over 200 drivers helping deliver the logistic backbone of the online retail revolution. Bespin Labs and Patronum have been an essential part of that growth.“ 

With the help of Patronum, the majority of manual tasks such as Google group management, Gmail settings, email signatures, and user offboarding are now all fully automated. The most visible and well-received part of the solution was the ability to completely manage the user’s email signatures. 

Google Workspace Manager
Google Email Signature Manager

Google Group Management

Email and Google Groups are some of the most essential tools used by PDTL. All communication to partners and drivers is done via Google Groups, whether that is agreeing rota’s with clients or communicating routes to drivers everything is done via group email in order to keep everyone involved within the loop. Using Patronum, PDTL has been able to automatically configure which users belong within which Google Groups as well as creating email labels and filters based on Group membership making it easier for staff to quickly identify important emails.

Google Workspace Manager
Gmail Label Management

With the power of automation within Patronum, PDTL spends less time managing their growing employee base and more time on delivering excellent training and supplying drivers to their clients.

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