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Our team have been working with Google Workspace for well over a decade and we understand that different email clients treat email signatures and formatting differently that is why we’ve created over 20 professionally designed email signature templates which guarantee that they will appear correctly across all common email interfaces and applications.

By installing our app via the Google Workspace Marketplace, you have granted Patronum the necessary permission to make changes to the email signature section within your Google Workspace account. Patronum creates your signatures externally in HTML and embeds the finished signatures directly into your Google Workspace accounts via authorised Google API’s.

Unlike other less integrated solutions, Patronum does not interfere with the flow of your emails by routing emails or require any additional and complex configuration of your SMTP settings. As such your inbox and email flow are completely separate from the Patronum platform.

No, Patronum does not need you to change any message flow or reconfigure your SPF, DKIM or DMARC settings. Patronum uses supported Google Workspace API which as the domain administrator you have complete control and authority over.

Like Google Docs we have 3 levels of permissions:

  • Can View – Users are able to see the shared contacts and group
  • Can Edit – Users can see shared contacts, add new contacts and edit and delete existing contacts.
  • Can Manage – User can see shared contacts, add new contacts, edit existing contacts, delete contacts and share contacts with other

Whenever you make changes to your contacts within your Google Contacts they will automatically sync to any device.

Within Google Workspace Contacts, your personal contacts (leads, customers etc) can be grouped via a label. Patronum allows you to share these contacts with other members of your team.

Yes, Patronum has a real-time activity logging system which will show you all scheduled tasks and policies, currently active tasks and also completed tasks.

Yes, when you install Patronum from the Google Workspace Marketplace you will be given a free 15-day trial. Our team will also schedule a training session so that you are able to get the most out of your testing.

Installing Patronum couldn’t be easier:-

Patronum is currently in closed beta, however, you can “Join our Beta”
Once accepted on the beta, simply sign in with your Google Workspace Administrator Account
Install Patronum from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
Once installed our installation wizard will help you set up email signatures and much much more.

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