User Lifecycle Management For Google Workspace


User Onboarding And Offboarding For Google Workspace

Give your users a consistent, and unified experience within their Google Workspace while at the same time reduce IT spend managing users and resources. With Patronum your users can automatically be given access to files, folders, calendars and Google groups, allowing them to be productive from day one.


Productive from day one.

Set up standard folders, calendars, email signatures and even Gmail Filters and Labels to give your users the best start possible Within the Google Workspace.


Integration with IDaaS providers

We understand that IDaaS providers can’t do everything a business needs, that why Patronum supports all major IDaaS providers such as OneLogin, Namely, Okta and PingIdentity and picks up from where they left off.


Security First Approach

Patronum provides the best security-first approach for. Google Workspace Make sure that users access privileges are revoked when they leave your organization. Automatically change their passwords, recovery email address, and delete all app-specific passwords.


Mobile Management

Automatically wipe mobile devices when users leave your organization, making sure data remains within the business and doesn’t simply walk out of the door.


Email Signature

Get complete email signature management with Patronum within your Google Workspace.


Reduce Complexity

Save time on cumbersome and complex tasks. Patronum automated workflows allow administrators to apply dynamic automation centrally, saving time and reducing errors and security issues.


Shared Contacts

Organizations large and small often rely on their Google contacts, allow Patronum to keep all your users Google Contacts in sync and managed centrally.


Control Licensing Costs

Don’t let your Google Workspace licensing get out of control. Patronum deprovisioning automatically reduces license costs, by dynamically removing accounts while making sure all resources are safely archived without the use of additional software.


Dynamic Google Groups


User Lifecycle Management

Real-time activity logging


Revoke Data

Choose from pre-built policies

Delete Calendar Events

Install Patronum and enjoy numerous features for Google Workspace. Track real-time activity logging, calendar sharing and get user lifecycle management. Need more information about Patronum the Google Workspace Manager? Connect with experts at Patronum and work hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Patronum couldn’t be easier:-

  • Patronum is currently in closed beta, however, you can “Join our Beta”
  • Once accepted on the beta, simply sign in with your Google Workspace Administrator Account
  • Install Patronum from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • Once installed our installation wizard will help you set up email signatures and much much more.

Yes, when you install Patronum from the Google Workspace Marketplace you will be given a free 15-day trial. Our team will also schedule a training session so that you are able to get the most out of your testing.

Yes, Patronum has a real-time activity logging system which will show you all scheduled tasks and policies, currently active tasks and also completed tasks.

When you install Patronum via a valid Google Workspace administrator account this account is then used to perform all future policy actions by impersonating specific user accounts. If this account is deleted you will need to reassign an administrator account in order to continue correct functionality.

Yes, Patronum can move all user data to an appropriate archive before it performs a full account deletion freeing up the license.

Yes, Patronum has an approval process built in to with provisioning and deprovisioning workflow policy.

Yes, Within Patronum you can make a copy of existing files and folders so that users have access to their own copies.

We hope that you love Patronum so much that you become one of our life long customers, but if you do need to uninstall Patronum we will only retain your company name, phone, and contact email address, and domain which are necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. However, all other data will be permanently deleted upon uninstalling Patronum.

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