Patronum Partners with Email Signature Experts

We are excited to announce that Patronum has partnered with and to bring you a series of enhanced email signature templates within Patronum’s email signature management feature.

Email signatures are often overlooked however they play an important part when building your company brand online, as every little detail counts. Many businesses don’t pay enough attention to their email signatures, while others spend way too much time with little return. It’s important, like anything public-facing, that when designing your email signature you understand what you’re doing.

Did you know that something as simple as a link to your website or event within your email signature can make a massive difference?

A recent study by Templafy discovered the impact that including a link to a company’s website has on website visits and the bounce rate. Using UTM links and Google Analytics, and with only 50 emails reviewed, they were able to identify that:-

  • The bounce rate of visitors to a website through an email signature dropped to 41% compared to the average of 77.6%.
  • Visitors also stayed 3X times longer after accessing it through the link in an email signature.

Adding links and branding to an email signature can be difficult, and many struggle trying to add fancy fonts and large images. That is why we’ve included email templates. Classic email signatures built from years of experience and following hard-earned guidelines, making sure that universal fonts are used as well as appropriately configured images. But if you’re looking for something beyond what our templates can offer our email signature partners will be more than happy to design your email signature template which can be pasted directly into Patronum.

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