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Per User / Per Month


  • Top organisation sharers
  • Top externally shared files
  • Top external domains
  • Alerts & Reports
  • Live task status
  • Domain-wide Google Drive search
  • Google Shared Drive Search and Management
  • Document Administration
  • Identify files shared internally
  • Identify files shared externally
  • Identify files shared with consumer accounts
  • Bulk removal of access to shared files and folders
  • Granular Visibility & Control
  • Google Group Management
  • Share Google Calendars
  • Set Google Calendar Timezone
  • Contact Delegation
  • Add, Edit, Update and Delete user’s My Contacts
  • Bulk Import/Export User’s My Contacts
  • View and Manage User’s Google Drive files
  • View and Manage User’s Google Shared Drives
  • Transfer user’s Google Drive files to Shared Drive
  • Transfer user’s Google Drive files to another user
  • Transfer only shared Google Drive data
  • Edit Vacation Responder
  • Create and Manage User’s Label
  • Create and Manage User’s email aliases
  • Configure Email Forwarding
  • Create and Manage Gmail email filters
  • Enable and disable POP and IMAP settings
  • Inbox Delegation
  • Manage 2-step verification backup codes
  • Manage App passwords
  • Edit Recovery phone and email settings
  • Manage 3rd party applications
  • Force User sign out
  • Create and Manage Google Roles
  • Permissions Management
  • No email routing through 3rd party server / SMTP configuration
  • Create, Edit, Update and Delete Google Workspace Email Signatures
  • Pre-built signature templates
  • Automatically amend joiners, movers or leavers Email Signatures
  • Google Directory attributes and all schema extensions
  • User’s Working Hours
  • Conditional Statements depending on User’s profile information
  • Embed Google Analytics UTM codes for marketing purposes
  • Multiple Google Workspace email signatures per user
  • “Send As” addresses
  • Real-time preview and update
  • Google Workspace user’s photo
  • Delegated Access to Signature Management
  • Hide Google Group from Directory
  • Add Google Group Members
  • Change Google Group Members permissions
  • Edit Google Group Settings
  • Publish Google Directory for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Edit Google Domain Contacts
  • Bulk import Google Domain Contacts
  • Search all user’s My Contacts
  • Add, Edit, Update and Delete user’s My Contacts
  • Shared Google Contacts via Label
  • Synchronize Google Directory with User’s My Contacts
  • User event triggered workflows
  • Add users to Google Groups automatically
  • Dynamically create Google Groups
  • Add users to Google Calendars
  • Automatically share user’s Google Calendar with others
  • Automatically share Google Contacts via Labels
  • Automatically shared Google Directory Contacts
  • Shared Files from Google Drive and Shared Drives with users
  • Bulk create Google Drive Files and Folders
  • Automatically set Gmail Email Signatures
  • Create Gmail Labels for users
  • Add Email Aliases automatically to users
  • Enabled Email Forwarding automatically
  • Bulk create and distribute Email Filters
  • Enable and disable POP/IMAP at scale
  • Activate automatic Gmail Delegation
  • Automatically allocation of Google Workspace Licenses based on role
  • Remove users automatically from Google Groups
  • Automatically transfer Google Group ownership
  • Remove leavers as calendar event attendee
  • Transfer Google primary calendars
  • Automatically delete calendar events freeing up calendar resources
  • Unshare calendars from staff who are leaving
  • Transfer Google Contacts to manager or another appropriate user
  • Remove leavers from all user’s Google Address book
  • Transfer Google Contact Label sharing
  • Transfer user’s Google Drive files to Shared Drive
  • Transfer user’s Google Drive files to another user
  • Transfer only shared Google Drive data
  • Configure Email Forwarding
  • Remove Delegate access
  • Transfer Delegate access to another appropriate user
  • Delete 2-step verification backup codes
  • Delete app-specific passwords
  • Change user’s password
  • Remove Recovery Email and Phone Number
  • Remove Connected 3rd Party Applications
  • Force user sign out
  • Hide User from Google Global Address book
  • Move User to different organisational unit within Google Directory
  • Rename the User
  • Allocate leaver’s email address to another user or Google Group
  • Timed suspension of User
  • Timed deletion of User
  • Automatically remove Google Workspace Licenses
  • Automatically allocate Google Workspace Archive User Licenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Patronum is based on the number of Google Workspace licenses you have within your Google domain. When you purchase Patronum you are given access to all the various features.

Patronum pricing is fair and completely transparent.

A user is defined as one personalized email address (you@yourcompany). Group email aliases such as sales@yourcompany and support@yourcompany are included in the pricing and don’t count as additional users.

We offer two types of billing options, annual and monthly. With both, you only need to pay for the users you have at the beginning of your subscription. When you renew, your renewal will be based on your current user count. We think that’s fair, and hope you agree.

No. All prices indicated are flat. We believe in treating our customers right, we have a simple pricing structure, you pay a per-user yearly fee for the number of active accounts within your Google Workspace environment. We’re not going to hike the price up on you or try to sign you up to any long term contract.

As most of our customers are businesses, they do not owe VAT and thus we charge the advertised flat price. If you are an EU business, make sure you enter your EU VAT number to prove your business status and thus remove VAT from the price. If you are located outside the EU, we won’t charge any VAT.

Yes, we offer huge discounts for non-profit and education organizations.

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