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The only tool you'll ever need to streamline your Google Workspace management.

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Streamline Google Workspace Management by automating User Onboarding & Offboarding, Email Signature Management, Contact Sharing, Google Drive Management, Backups, and much more.

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Onboarding & Offboarding

feature imageProvisioning and de-provisioning users within Google Workspace can be time-consuming and costly. Let Patronum fully automate all the administrator and user tasks to ensure an effective and secure process.

With Patronum, your team hits the ground running from day one. Automatic access to essential files, folders, calendars, and Google groups enables users to be productive from day one. Plus, our seamless integration with leading IDaaS providers like OneLogin, Namely, Okta, and PingIdentity ensures a smooth continuation of services.

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File Unsharing & Compliances

feature imageIn a world where business information flows freely across employees, departments, and external entities, from suppliers to customers, managing your company's data effectively is crucial. Our intuitive policies enable you to effortlessly clean up file sharing with external organizations.

With Patronum you can gain comprehensive insights into external access to your data and revoke it as necessary or you can easily set up policies that automate the clean-up of file sharing with external organizations.

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Contact Sharing

feature imagePatronum is the only enterprise-ready contact sharing application for Google Workspace. Patronum ensures your contacts and labels are in perfect sync with Google Contacts by capturing all changes made throughout the day and updating them across all user accounts.

Our platform also allows users to effortlessly share specific contacts through labels, providing a seamless experience. Meanwhile, administrators gain unparalleled visibility and control over the entire process, ensuring efficient and secure contact management.

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Email Signature Management

feature imageCrafting the perfect email signature in Gmail just got a whole lot easier with Patronum. Select from a range of templates, customize fonts and colors to your liking, and publish with ease. Designed for users without HTML expertise, Patronum ensures consistency across your organization, providing dynamic and centrally managed Gmail Email Signatures for all users.

With Patronum, you can rest assured that your Google Workspace users will always have up-to-date signatures with accurate information, and on-brand templates, enhancing your organization's image in every correspondence.

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Google Drive Management

feature imageMaintain the integrity and security of your organization's data with Patronum. Our platform provides administrators with comprehensive control over users' files and folders, enhancing the management of Google Drive within Google Workspace.

Patronum provides an intuitive way for administrators to oversee and manage the vast amount of data stored in Google Drive and simplifies the complexities of file management.

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Google Workspace Backup

feature imageExperience the world's fastest backup solution, meticulously designed for Google Workspace. Patronum Backup offers unparalleled high-frequency backups, ensuring your Google data is always secure and recoverable. Enjoy complete peace of mind with 100% fidelity backups of Email, Calendar, Contacts, Files, and Shared Drives.

With Patronum, your Google Workspace data is not just backed up; it's bulletproof. Secure Your Google Workspace leveraging the most advanced, reliable backup technology available in the market.

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Master Challenges
Across Your Organization

For Business

For Business image

Imagine a world where onboarding and offboarding processes are seamlessly automated, where organization-wide policies don't just exist; they thrive, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Patronum brings this vision to life, offering a suite of capabilities tailored for both large enterprises and SMEs. From Google Drive Management & Contact Sharing, to Email Signature Management, Patronum equips IT professionals and non-IT managers alike with unparalleled control and customization.

For HR

For HR image

As an HR executive, do you daydream of offering a personalised, resource-rich and interconnected workspace experience to each user?

With Patronum, onboarding new hires is a tailored journey, where new members are greeted by a Google Workspace sculpted just for their role. Google Groups, Labels, Calendars, and Contacts converge, syncing seamlessly with smart devices. With Patronum, your team is thriving from the outset, enveloped in a culture of collaboration.

For Sales & Marketing

For Sales & Marketing image

Patronum breaks down silos, fostering a culture of shared success. Patronum enables sales & marketing managers to directly manage key Google Workspace features - from resetting passwords to configuring email signatures. From shared contacts and customer lists to up-to-date templates, every feature is designed to streamline workflows & amplify your market presence.

Patronum is like having a digital wizard at your fingertips, ensuring your team remains in the fast lane, fully equipped and ready from day one.

For Education

For Education image

Patronum is as an indispensable ally for educational institutions leveraging Google Workspace. From the precise alignment of staff in Google Groups to the strategic distribution of resources, Patronum ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Patronum is as an indispensable ally for educational institutions leveraging Google Workspace. From the precise alignment of staff in Google Groups to the strategic distribution of resources, Patronum ensures that everyone is on the same page.

For Users

For Users image

Patronum seamlessly integrates Google Drive Management, shares contacts & calendars and gives users a clear view of organization hierarchy, ensuring your staff has what they need, when they need it.

Patronum eliminates the common hurdles of document access and schedule coordination, enabling your all team members to focus on productivity. Patronum also enhances organizational connectivity, with the ability to search for colleagues by department, location, or skillset via the Organization Chart and People Finder.

Plans & Pricing

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$ 2.00

User / Year

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$ 2.00

User / Year

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$ 8.00

User / Year

Why Patronum?

Ever felt overwhelmed managing Google Workspace? We get it.

As seasoned Google Workspace Managers ourselves, we understand the complexities and time constraints of managing an extensive digital workspace. That's precisely why we created Patronum - to transform the IT department's wish list into a robust reality.

From user and group management to secure content sharing, from centralised email signatures to Google Workspace backups, Patronum empowers you to take control of your Google Workspace with unmatched ease and precision.

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Client Speak:
Real Stories, Real Impact!

quote icon

Patronum has been a great tool for us to use for Drive management! Highly recommend working with Paul Lees and the Patronum team!

client image
Isaac Musselwhite


quote icon

The people at Patronum are amazing. they are always willing to help proactively and respectfully even though the needs might be due to a lack of in-house skills. The Patronum product is amazing too and they improve it all the time.

client image
Virgil Chelu

HIT Training

quote icon

Patronum makes it easy to manage Google Workspace instances! I love being able to create onboarding and offboarding policies, as well as shared contacts, and signature management.

client image
Robby Barnes

215 Tech

quote icon

It's great, Only system I'm aware of that does sync of all user attributes including custom ones. With that pricing it's positioned to be another 'must have' for Workspace admins.

client image
Mateusz Bijakowski


quote icon

Patronum makes managing our Google Workspace environment effortless. I especially like the Contact Sharing feature, before Patronum we tried many other solutions and nothing is quite like Patronum for ease of use and functionality. A must-have for any Google Workspace administrator.

client image
John Knott

Zola Systems Limited

quote icon

Being a Patronum partner is a really great opportunity to offer our clients a top-class Workspace management tool, that works really well with our Workspace consulting offering.

client image
Dominik Kugelmann

22d consulting

quote icon

Patronum is a great tool allows us to do things that are not available in the Google Administration Console, such as calendar sharing and management, plus its policies and signatures feature is amazing. Their customer service and support are of the highest level. We are very pleased with Patronum, they provide a real bang for your buck!

client image
Juan Marquez


quote icon

Easy tool to help with some basic stuff, which should be part of Google Workspace.

client image
Ruben Hauser


quote icon

Patronum has been a game-changer for me in managing my Google Workspace. I was struggling with a major problem that Google couldn't solve, but Patronum came to the rescue. The product is power-packed and has exceeded my expectations. It has made my work much easier and more efficient.

client image
Jeyo Sargunam


quote icon

Working with the Patronum and the team was quick and simple. They took my initial designs and created an extremely attractive and engaging email signature for my business and also several promotional campaigns. 5 stars!!

client image
Garry Holt

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Asked Questions

What Measures Does Patronum Take to Ensure Data Security?

Data security is our top priority. Patronum employs state-of-the-art encryption and compliance practices to protect your information. Our platform is built on Google Cloud's secure infrastructure, with regular audits and updates to stay ahead of potential threats, ensuring your data remains safe and compliant with global standards.

How Quickly Can Patronum Be Implemented Across an Organization?

Patronum is designed for quick and easy implementation. Most organizations can start using Patronum within a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of their Google Workspace environment and specific setup requirements. Our support team is always on hand to guide you through.

How User-Friendly is Patronum for Non-Technical Users?

Patronum is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible for users with any level of technical expertise. Our intuitive interface, built using Google Material Design, ensures a seamless experience that mirrors the Google Workspace environment, making navigation and operation straightforward for all users.

Can Patronum be Customised to Fit Specific Organizational Needs?

Absolutely. Patronum offers a range of customization options to align with your organization's unique processes and workflows. From custom schema for user attributes to tailored onboarding and offboarding flows, Patronum can be configured to support your specific requirements, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

What Automation Features Does Patronum Offer?

Patronum brings a high degree of automation to Google Workspace management, streamlining tasks such as user onboarding/offboarding, email signature updates, and resource allocation. These automated processes reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and ensure a consistent experience for all users across your organization.

How Does Patronum Enhance Collaboration Within Teams?

By organizing users into appropriate Google Groups and managing access permissions efficiently, Patronum facilitates smoother collaboration and information sharing. Our features enable teams to connect and work together more effectively, leveraging shared resources and communication tools integrated within Google Workspace.

Is There Support Available for Patronum Users?

Yes, comprehensive support is a cornerstone of the Patronum experience. We offer detailed guides, a responsive customer service team, and a wealth of online resources to ensure you can maximize the benefits of Patronum. Whether you're seeking technical assistance or need advice on best practices, our team is ready to help.