Keeping an Accurate Google Directory is now Critical

So what’s a Google Directory you ask? Well, a few years ago it was hidden away and  was accessible only via the Google API’s.

With the rise of remote working post COVID, Google has announced several updates to GOOGLE Workspace.

With the recent announcement of Google Contacts side panel, your Google Workspace users will start to get a closer look at what’s stored within the Google Directory, and if their data is up to date.

USERS will also be able to view a contacts location, telephone number, and even where they reside within the organisation structure.

If the data within your Google Directory is inaccurate, some of the features within Google Workspace like dynamic groups and organisation view wouldn’t be as effective as they should be.

Maintaining and managing your Google Directory may be one of the most boring tasks any Google Workspace administrator has to do. By investing in products like Patronum you can help analyze and maintain accurate Google Directory data.