Long Term Strategy for Remote Working

When it comes to creating an effective remote working regime you need to start with policy, process and then training. All of which should be regularly reviewed and updated if required.

On-boarding of new employees

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, such as being given access to the right files or even having an email signature automatically created for new employees. But, more importantly fo
r the business, before an individual is permitted to access company services and data it is essential that remote workers receive role-appropriate training on information security, data protection and general good remote working practices.


When working remotely it is of utmost importance that the physical security of the home or place of remote work is taken into consideration. Devices used by remote workers should not be used for personal purposes, by the colleague or their family or friends. There are, of course, health and safety considerations to take in. Many homes do not possess a dedicated workstation or an ergonomic office chair, risking repetitive strain injury.

Off-boarding of leavers

Your employee exit process should differ for “good” and “bad” leavers. Usually, the only difference will be the time that their ability to access services, accounts or other sensitive data is rescinded. A bad leaver should have service access rescinded immediately, where a good leaver may work their noticed period.



For new employees

The Patronum Organisational Chart feature gives new employees the ability to locate others within the company who can help or advise them if they have any concerned.

For day-to-day activities

Patronum can help automatically create and share a health and safety risk assessment document to all colleagues. This can then be undertaken, and regularly reviewed, to ensure an optimal and safe working environment.

For Off-boarding Employees

Using Patronum, you can create a full and comprehensive deprovisioning policy for all types of employees. It makes sure that all devices, accounts and services are disabled and licenses and retained data are redistributed accordingly within the business.