5 Reasons Why Email Signatures Are Important

In the Middle Ages monarchs, bishops and other nobles would issue official decrees, and documents and sign them with a wax seal. The wax would typically be pressed with a unique handheld seal or with a signet ring.

Email Signatures

Today, wax seals are rarely used and most of our business communication is done via emails. While email doesn’t need a wax seal to prove it’s authenticity you should still do your very best to end the email in the correct way – and that is obviously by using an attractive and professional email signature.

There are many benefits to a professional looking email signature, many of which have been covered by our past posts and articles.

The advantages of an awesome email signature

  1. Using one of our awesome email signatures shows your professionalism.
  2. A good HTML email signature should allow your receiver to know more about your business – products, blogs, and social media links.
  3. Your email signature is your electronic business card containing everything you want your clients to know about you.
  4. Email signatures form part of our company brand.
  5. Make your customers aware of new and important announcements. Your email signature can include time-limited banners to promote new offers or announce important changes.

When it comes to your company and your brand an email signature is a must, after all, it’s likely to be seen by more people than your website.

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