60% of small businesses shut down after cyber attacks.

It’s a shocking headline, but did you know that 60% of SMBs who were victims of cyber attacks shut down within 6 months. With cyber attacks on the increase, small and medium-sized businesses are at far greater risk than larger organisations. This is why many cyber attacks, typically phishing attacks, are focused on SMEs and SMBs.

What can your business do to protect yourself against being a victim of a cyber attack?

Cybersecurity training

Company employees are your greatest asset, they are also your biggest security risk. It is important that your staff are continually training on cybersecurity and keep up to date on current threats, as well as ways to mitigate or respond to them. Test yourself on some of the common phishing methods using this Google phishing quiz.

How we can help: Bespin Labs security team hold monthly cyber security webinars for all customers. Contact us for more information on this service.

IT department

Today a business can not survive without technology, even the local plumber will manage customer accounts via the cloud, schedule their work on their mobile devices, and pay their taxes online. However, many SMBs either don’t have a dedicated IT department or if they do it is typically very small consisting of 1 or 2 employees. This often leaves SMBs exposed and more vulnerable to cyber attacks, and unable to recover.

How can we help: Let Bespin Labs become your IT department, our engineers have years of experience. Contact us for more information.

Time to change

It’s not all bad news for the SMBs, being small has it’s advantages. Unlike larger organisations, with their red tape and complexities, SMBs are able to implement solutions to address cybersecurity issues much quicker.

How can we help: Contact Bespin Labs to arrange a technology workshop and let us help you stay safe and competitive.

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