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About Patronum

Meet the innovators transforming your Google Workspace experience with heart and hustle.

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(Noun - Latin)

  • Accusative singular of patrōnus.
  • A protector, guardian, defender, patron – a person who protects or defends something.
  • A platform designed to automate and simplify the adoption and management of Cloud-based software services, such as Google Workspace (G Suite).

The Genesis
of Patronum


In 2008, Paul Lees, CEO of Bespin Labs, set out on a mission to revolutionize the management of cloud-based software solutions. With a deep understanding of the complexities organizations face in managing IT systems and cloud-based software, he envisioned a platform that would simplify these processes and enhance efficiency and security. This vision materialized into Patronum, a platform meticulously engineered to automate and refine the management of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Patronum was not just a product; it was a paradigm shift designed to enhance operational efficiency and fortify the security of Google Workspace environments globally.

Patronum: A Guardian in the Cloud


The name 'Patronum', rooted in Latin, translates to a protector, guardian, or defender. This nomenclature is a testament to the platform's fundamental purpose: to serve as a steadfast guardian for organizations' Google Workspace environments. Patronum is an indispensable ally for IT administrators, ensuring the fluid and secure management of Google Workspace users. Patronum's role is particularly crucial during the critical phases of onboarding, transitioning, and offboarding, where Patronum guarantees that these processes are executed with seamless precision and utmost security.

Revolutionizing Google Workspace Management


Patronum's journey began with a clear goal: to transform the way organizations manage their Google Workspace environments. Recognizing the complexities and time-consuming nature of manual administration, Patronum introduced a suite of tools designed to automate these tasks. This automation not only saves time but also significantly reduces the margin for error, ensuring a more secure and reliable management process.

Today, Patronum stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide, including an impressive roster of Fortune 500 companies, burgeoning startups, and dynamic scaleups.

Our Mission
And Values

Give your users a consistent, and unified experience within their Google Workspace while at the same time reduce IT spend managing users and resources.

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A Platform Built on Innovation and Excellence

Patronum has been at the forefront of innovation in cloud management since its inception. The platform is continuously updated with new features and capabilities, ensuring that it remains aligned with the evolving needs of modern IT organizations. This commitment to excellence has positioned Patronum as a leader in the field, trusted by businesses worldwide for their Google Workspace management needs.

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Customer-Centric Approach

At the core of Patronum's ethos is a customer-first philosophy. Every aspect of our service, from feature development to pricing strategies, is guided by the needs and feedback of our customers. We believe in fostering a transparent, collaborative, and engaging community, not just within our team but also among our partners and customers.

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Empowering IT Organizations

Our platform is more than just a tool; it's a solution that empowers IT organizations to manage their Google Workspace environments efficiently. By automating administrative tasks, we enable IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, enhancing overall productivity and security.

Featured By Top
Media Publications

Patronum has been recognized for its innovation and impact in the Google Workspace, as featured in leading media publications.

The Patronum

Give your users a consistent, and unified experience within their Google Workspace while at the same time reduce IT spend managing users and resources.

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Simplifying Google Workspace Management

Patronum's platform is specifically tailored to enhance the Google Workspace experience. Automating administrative and user tasks ensures a more efficient, effective, and secure management process. This automation extends across the entire lifecycle of Google Workspace users, from onboarding to offboarding.

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A Testament to Global Excellence

Patronum's global footprint is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Our clientele, spanning across continents, is a diverse tapestry of industry leaders, visionary startups, and fast-growing scaleups. Each client's journey with Patronum is a story of transformation marked by enhanced efficiency, robust security, and streamlined cloud management.

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Community & Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration. We have created an ecosystem that thrives on shared knowledge and collective innovation by actively engaging with our users and partners. This collaborative environment drives innovation and continuous improvement that not only enhances the platform but also fosters a sense of community among our users.

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A Platform for All

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Patronum is designed to cater to your specific needs. Our platform scales with your organization, ensuring that your Google Workspace management remains seamless and hassle-free, regardless of your company's size.

Looking Ahead:
The Future of Patronum

Give your users a consistent, and unified experience within their Google Workspace while at the same time reduce IT spend managing users and resources.

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Continuous Innovation

Our journey doesn't stop here. We are committed to continuous innovation, constantly enhancing our platform to meet the ever-changing landscape of cloud computing. We aim to remain at the forefront of cloud software services, providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

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Expanding Our Reach

As we look to the future, we aim to expand our reach, bringing Patronum to more organizations worldwide. We are dedicated to making cloud management more accessible, efficient, and secure for businesses of all sizes.

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Stronger Partnerships

We recognize the importance of strong partnerships in our growth and success. Moving forward, we will continue to forge and nurture partnerships that align with our mission and values, creating a robust network that benefits our customers and the broader community.