Advanced Filtering of Google Directory Contacts

Last year we talked about the benefit of using Patronum to sync your Google Directory Contacts to your mobile devices. Based on customer feedback we’ve now improved that feature so that you can target which contacts are synced. With Patronum you can now sync all members of the sales team to the sales manager’s mobile device, or the entire team’s mobile device.

Google Directory Contacts

Using our powerful filters you can simply select the attributes from the Google Directory you want to use in order to define the list of contacts to be synced. Choose from department, job title, location etc. Create multiple Labels and users who match multiple groupings will have multiple labels applied.


How to setup a Google Directory Contacts Sync policy

From within Patronum select the Policies menu item to access the Patronum policy section.

Create a new policy by selecting Add Policy.

Google Directory Contacts

Within the WORKFLOW section define which users you want the policy to be applied to, leave blank if you want all users in your Google system to receive the contacts.

Select the CONTACTS, then select the “Provision” icon. (the yellow + icon)

From the list of users, select the top option which is “Directory Contacts“, this will read the Directory for contacts instead of reading the labels from other users.

Google Directory Contacts

Enter the name you want to call the label, in this example, we are using “Sales Team”, and then select the “Advanced Filter” option.

Google Directory Contacts

Within the Advanced Filtering section define the criteria in order to filter for the cohort of users you wish to appear in the label. In this example we’re using the {{Department}} attribute to find all members of the Sales department.

After saving the configuration and then saving and activating the policy, the policy will run, and create the necessary setup within the CONTACTS section of Patronum. Here you will see the sync status of the Label and the users that this label will be applied to.

Now advanced filtering of Google Directory Contacts is so easy. All you need to do now is sit back and wait for Patronum to do its magic 🪄and start populating your predefined list of users Google Contacts within contact information taken from the Google Directory.

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