Automate User Archiving with Patronum

Today we’ve added a much-requested feature to Patronum, License Management. Using Patronum, Google Workspace administrators can now ARCHIVE and apply a specific archive user license to a user as part of an offboarding process. Simply create your Patronum policy and select SETTINGS > License Management from here you can select which archive user license you want to apply to your deprovisioning policy. When the policy is triggered users will automatically be flagged as ARCHIVED and a new license applied.

Archiving with Patronum
Patronum – Archive User License Management.

Archive User License

Google Workspace archive user license is used when an employee leaves the business and you want to retain that individual’s data within Google Vault. With Patronum a Google Workspace administrator can apply the Archived User license to preserve the user’s data, however, the account has no other Workspace features.


  • Retain data for employees who have left the company
  • You can maintain users’ data more securely
  • Preventing former employees from accessing Google Workspace services.
  • Archive and Retention controls for Email, Chat and Documents
  • Extended Audit reports to track user activity
  • Google Currents data (posts, comments, and +1s) is retained,
  • Google Drive (DLP) continues to run on user’s data


  • Account can be reactivated whenever necessary.
  • Free’s up more expensive Google Workspace licenses for reallocation
  • The user’s data stays in configured data regions.
  • User cannot sign into their account on any device
  • User doesn’t appear in the Global Address List.
  • A user’s archived status appears in user reports.
  • Records management via Google Vault.

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