Don’t Add Images to Your Signature

OK, will you let me have a little moan? Why do so many email clients still embed the email signature images within the body of the email? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look at the email below as seen from my Gmail client.

Notice that this email has an attachment, “image001.jpg”. This image is a logo from the email signature which has been embedded in the email. This means that:-

  1. My inbox is now larger than it should be
  2. Every reply I receive from this person will include a new image, making my inbox even larger
  3. Makes it difficult for me to access genuine attachments as they may be at the end of a long list of logo images

When setting up your email signature make sure that your logos are stored externally, on your website or within online storage such as Google Drive. Check out our tutorial on how to store email signature images within Google Drive.

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