Email Signature Management For Google Workspace


Email Signature Management For Google Workspace

Have you heard about email signature management? Do you want to have professional Google Workspace email signatures but lack the technical ability to do so? Give your users a consistent, dynamic and centrally manage Gmail email signatures for all your users. With Patronum you will be confident that everyone within your organization is presenting themselves correctly and on-brand.


Professional Google Workspace Email Signatures

Do you want to learn more about email signature management? Then install Patronum and get managed Google Workspace email signatures.

Email Signature Templates

Create email signatures in seconds with over 20 professionally created email signature templates.

Ease Of Use

Patronum email signature management is designed for users who don’t have HTML skills. Simply select a template which is right for you, change the fonts and colours and publish.

Real-Time Previews

Preview exactly what your email signature looks like with our desktop and mobile preview interface. See how this looks for different users within your Google Workspace domain.

Always Up-To-Date

You Google Workspace users will always have the latest email signature with the most accurate information. Even if they decided to make their own personal changes, Patronum makes sure users are always on-brand.

Delegate Control Of Email Signatures.

Give your marketing team full access and control of managing your email signatures.

HTML Editor For Expert Mode

Our advanced HTML editor allows expert administrator the ability to go “off-road” and create their own email signature templates.

No Need For IT Experience Or Complex SMTP Settings

Patronum is built directly into your Google Workspace enviroment so there is not need for complex SMTP, or SPF changes. Just install and get creating your perfect email signature.


Multiple Google Workspace email signatures

Real-time update

Choose from pre-built signature templates

No need for IT experience or complex SMTP settings

Standardise Branding & Marketing Campaigns

Supports “Send As” addresses

Include Google Workspace users photo

Delegated Access

Patronum email signature management is the best solution for all your email signature-related needs. Install Patronum today and stay updated to make your business successful. Still anxious, then schedule a one to one meeting with one of our Patronum experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Patronum does not need you to change any message flow or reconfigure your SPF, DKIM or DMARC settings. Patronum uses supported Google Workspace API which as the domain administrator you have complete control and authority over.

By installing our app via the Google Workspace Marketplace, you have granted Patronum the necessary permission to make changes to the email signature section within your Google Workspace account. Patronum creates your signatures externally in HTML and embeds the finished signatures directly into your Google Workspace accounts via authorised Google API’s.

Unlike other less integrated solutions, Patronum does not interfere with the flow of your emails by routing emails or require any additional and complex configuration of your SMTP settings. As such your inbox and email flow are completely separate from the Patronum platform.

Our team have been working with Google Workspace for well over a decade and we understand that different email clients treat email signatures and formatting differently that is why we’ve created over 20 professionally designed email signature templates which guarantee that they will appear correctly across all common email interfaces and applications.

With Patronum you will be able to manage and edit email signatures on an individual basis, via a Google Group or via a Policy based on team attributes such as Department, Project, Job Role and more. You can even use Patronum to track and monitor email marketing campaigns via advertising banners or Google Analytics.

Absolutely, we love talking to our customers, its how we’ve created such a feature-rich solution. Contact us via email at or schedule a face to face Google Meet.

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