How to share your Google Calendar

Many of use will be dealing with a jam-packed scheduled on a daily basis, finding time, rooms and resources can be a tricky task. However, for Google users, sharing your Google Calendar is a simple solution to help all parties involved find a time and date without all the back-and-forth of scheduling in a never-ending email loop.

Whether isn’t finding time for a quick one-to-one with your directs, or you’re organising the project kickoff meeting, sharing your calendar can be immensely helpful, and fairly quick and easy. However, for many employees unfamiliarity with the Google Calendar setting up calendar sharing can be a hit and miss affair. So, why to leave it to chance, let Patronum automatically share your employees Google calendars with the appropriate people.

Patronum Calendar Sharing

Within Patronum you can share users calendars with others within your organisation via a policy, group or even directly on a case by case basis.

 Google Calendar

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