Introducing Google Workspace

Google Workspace

It’s been over four years since Google renamed its collaboration suite from Google Apps for Work to Google G Suite. Today, Google has announced that it will once again be rebranding and renaming Google G Suite to Google Workspace.

Back in July Google announced a better way to work, one more in tune with what was happening around the world. The need to work and collaborate while no longer in offices drove Google to rapidly improve and bring together it’s core tools for communication and collaboration, such as chat, email, voice & video call, and content management & collaboration, into a single, unified user experience.

The key strategy was to build a single and simple view for chat, video, voice email and collaboration.

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Google Workspace Pricing

Along with the rebranding, Google has also introduced several new pricing tiers aimed to give customers flexibility. G Suite Basic is now Business Starter, and G Suite Business is now Business Standard, however, the unlimited storage has been taken away but users are instead given a whopping 2TB of cloud storage each. If you’re looking for even more storage and more video meeting participants, 250 in fact, you’ll need to upgrade to the new Business Plus which also includes eDiscovery and Retention (which were previously part of G Suite Business.).

In addition to the Business tiers there are also Enterprise options for businesses over 300 users.

Confused, you don’t need to be. We are here to help, so if you’re interested in upgrading or just need to clarify which Google Workspace option is right for you, then get in touch.

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