Patronum Approval Process:- With great power comes great responsibility.

Patronum is one of the most powerful Google Workspace management tools available. However, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. That is why we have introduced a new approvals feature. Patronum already has many safety features that prevent administrators from making unwanted mass changes.

For example, if a Patronum policy is configured to update over 80% of the user base an approval email will be sent to the administrator and the current policy will be placed on hold. This feature prevents an administrator from incorrectly configuring a policy against all users. The policy will only run after the APPROVE action is taken.

Policy Approval

With our latest approval feature, we have taken this process one step further by preventing administrators from deleting or modifying multiple items. If an administrator now selects multiple items, such as policies, groups, contacts and even files etc. Patronum will queue the operation and only release the task once the administrator has reviewed and approved it.

Policy deletion approval

We are creating the best Google Workspace management platform available, and we want that experience to be as safe and secure as possible.

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