Phishing emails #1 threat to UK businesses

Malicious links within emails are posing the biggest cyber threat to businesses across the UK, US, Germany and Australia, according to 59% of business decision-makers asked in a recent survey.

When asked what they see as the biggest threat to their organisation, business decision-makers ranked phishing emails as the top threat:

Cyber Threatscape Top 10

  1. Malicious links within emails – 59%
  2. Employees sharing usernames/passwords – 33%
  3. USB memory sticks/removable storage – 31%
  4. Users not following protocol/data protection policies – 30%
  5. Ex-employees retaining access to network – 28%
  6. Infection via malware from personal devices – 26%
  7. Hackers – 25%
  8. Employees using non-authorised tools/applications for work purposes (personal email drives/file sharing) – 25%
  9. Social media viruses – 24%
  10. Critical information on stolen devices – 23%

Email remains a popular tool for attackers to launch cyber attacks, distribute ransomware and other forms of malware, or to commit fraud via business email compromise.

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