Remove leavers from My Google Contacts

If you’ve been using Google Workspace as long as we have, you’ll know the issue that comes with removing individuals from your Google Workspace environment. It’s often not as simple as it should be. There are the obvious things such as making sure you transfer the leavers Google Drive files before deleting the account, but it’s the small things that can often become irritating to end-users.

Tom’s been working for Company X for several years and has been communicating like an email ninja clocking up on average around 100 email messages sent each day, more than twice the average. After Tom leaves the organisation, and his account is deleted, colleagues still see his email address and contact details whenever they type “tom” into the To field within Gmail. This is due to Tom’s details magically being saved within people’s Google My Contacts under the label Other Contacts.

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By default, Google will auto-save contact information of frequently contacts individuals you’ve interacted with in Google products, as well as any contacts you’ve hidden from your list within the Other Contact section. This can be useful, as these contacts appear as auto-complete suggestions to help you communicate and share with them easier. However, if that individual within your Other Contacts no longer exists at the email address you have stored, it can be a pain, especially for end-users within your organisation who don’t know how to access contact information via Google Contacts.

Patronum removes Other Contacts from Google Contacts

Within Patronum, you can create an offboarding policy that can automatically search all users within your Google Workspace Google Contacts and remove leavers as part of the process to remove them from your Google Workspace domain.

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Remove ex-employee from other users My Contacts

Within Patronum create a policy, select CONTACTS, select the deprovisioning options and then “Remove ex-employee from other users my contacts“.

For more information on how to create an offboarding policy simply follow the instructions within

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