The Era of the Cloud Worker

The cloud has fundamentally changed everything around us from our personal lives, where it has given us choice, to stream TV and Movies, order whatever kind of food we’re in the mood for, schedule and track transportation, as well as and staying in touch with friends and family across the globe. Whereas in the workplace, enterprise developers like Google, Cisco, Adobe, Citrix and VMware have redefined how we get our jobs done, making data and apps easily accessible when and where they’re needed. They call this the era of the Cloud Worker.

Cloud worker

Cloud adoption has made many businesses rethink the way they deploy technology as well as the tools they need to ensure their workforce is effective. Cloud workers no longer reside in a traditional office, they are mobile and they expect their apps and devices to be as mobile and flexible as they are.

Field teams require real-time connectivity as they work remotely and interact directly with customers. Patronum helps Cloud Workers by onboarding them quickly and effortlessly into a Google Workspace environment, provisioning Files, and Folders so workers are able to start quickly and become more productive. No more requesting access to proposals or shared drives – it’s already been done, by Patronum. Patronum also provisions team calendars, Google groups and helps with external communication by managing Google Contacts.

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