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Patronum gives you full control over how Google Workspace is managed with intelligent automation and delegation

Patronum for Business

Patronum gets more out of Google Workspace by expanding access to administration tasks across your business including some for users. By setting up policies with the help of IT professionals you can delegate and automate a subset of administrative capabilities to non-IT managers, secure in the knowledge they are not going to break anything.


Patronum For HR

Patronum goes a long way to giving Human Resource executives control over organization-wide policies that shape how you work. Imagine being able to create an ideal working environment for staff with HR-defined email and data policies set up swiftly in Patronum by IT professionals and delegated to non-IT managers.

Patronum for Sales & Marketing

Patronum is designed to help non-IT professionals directly control Google Workspace for their teams. When deadlines and targets matter it’s a lot more efficient to change things directly yourself within safe parameters set by IT professionals. Patronum policies control shared information via Google Drive ensuring corporate and product marketing data is up to date. With Patronum email signature management, corporate and product branded emails will generate leads and increase traffic to your website.

Patronum For Education

Patronum is the perfect companion for educational establishments using Google Workspace. Patronum will delegate IT administration within universities to faculty, department or course administration. School districts, groups of schools or academies benefit from predefined IT administration which can be tailored locally to their needs.

Patronum For Users

With Patronum your staff will be up and running from day one with Google Drive Management, contact and calendar sharing. No more hunting for documents, or requesting access to schedules, or data they need.

Even in small organizations, it’s often difficult to connect with the right people. Patronum gives your organization instant access to your internal staff list via contact sharing. Search for people by department, location, or even skills using the Patronum Organisation Chart and People Finder. Then connect and start collaborating.

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