Use Organisational Charts  in Patronum to build better relationships

Using organisational charts helps you find and connect with people within your organisation and put a face to a name.

Patronum is one of the first Google Workspace administration tools that give you the ability to view your colleagues in an Org Chart. Org Charts let you look up individual profiles and team information. Spend less time hunting for people and more time doing the stuff you need to.

Build stronger relationships

As your business grows and you add more people, the more complex it becomes. Here at Patronum we hate wasting time trying to find who we need to speak to get things done, that why we created the Org Chart feature.
Org charts
Simply browse through your organisation or search for people based on skills, qualifications/certification, or even languages. Patronum allows you to view someone’s profile page to see their location, contact details, social media link, manager and team structure.

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