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Paul Lees founder of Bespin Labs talks about his own Technology and Google Journey

Fintan Murphy, CEO Of Damson Cloud interviews Paul Lees where he talks about his own Technology and Google Journey. Both Paul & Fintan have been in the IT industry for several decades and have been part of the Google ecosystem since the early years of the platform.

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Paul Lees talks about third-party tools and Patronum's USPs

Part 2 of Paul's Discussion with Fintan. This part touches on the evolution of 3rd party tools, how Patronum fits into that consideration, and why you wouldn't want Google to do absolutely everything in the Workspace environment.

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The Future of Patronum - Paul's Discussions With Fintan

In this part of his discussion with Fintan Murphy, CEO of Damson Cloud, Paul describes what's in store for Patronum, and how the business is growing and being shaped as Google Workspace continues to evolve and grow.

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Patronum's Comprehensive Product Demo

In this video, we demonstrate the majority of Patronum's features, including daily user management tasks, automated workflows to control user on and offboarding, as well as Google Drive management and compliance.

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Patronum Webinar - User Lifecycle Management

Let's talk about the automation of User Lifecycle - automatic creation of Gmail email signature, access to files and folders, shared Google contacts, all the way through to the offboarding process when the user leaves.

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Patronum's Demo on SOLVETank EP-06

Patronum's Demo with SOLVETank (SaaSOps Life Virtual Event), where an expert panel of SaaSOps professionals demo a SaaS platform, do Q&As and give opinions & feedback based on product use cases.