What can Patronum do?

We often get asked, “What does Patronum do?”

So here is a list of things you can do within Patronum.


User Management
Edit User Profile information.
Add/Remove Google Groups
View and Manage Calendars, manually assign a Calendar from another user.
Share Contacts
Edit and View Google Contacts
View and Manage Google Drive files, including Shared Drive. Change permissions etc.
Modify email signature directly
Set Vacation Responder for users
Create Email Labels
Create email SendAs aliases
Configure email forwarding
Create email filters
Enable, Disable and Configure POP/IMAP
Delegate Access to users

From Patronum you can manage Google Shared Contacts (external contacts), Google Contacts, set up Contact Label Sharing and Sync the Google Directory to users My Contacts.

Shared Contacts
Add, import and export Google Directory Shared Contacts.

Google Contacts
Search ALL users My Contacts.
Update/Modify and delete users My Contacts.

Contact Sharing
Setup and Review Patronum Contact Sharing.
Setup Directory Contact Synchronisation, so that you get your Google Directory on your mobile device.


Shared Drives
See and access all Google Shared Drives both internal and external

File Sharing
See all internal and external access to company files and data.
Remove access to internal files
Change access to internally shared files

Search the entire Google File system for files that are visible to company users.
Search by name, type, owner etc.

Patronum onboarding policies can provision users automatically based on Google Groups, OU’s and filter specific users based on any attribute within the Google Directory.

Update user profile information, for example, add manager attribute to all users within the same department.
Create custom schema attributes and allow end-users access to self populate.
Such as pronouns, qualifications or skills.

Automatically add users to Google Groups.
Automatically create a Google Group and populate with members based on attributes.

Automatically assign users to a Google Calendar.

Automatically add contact labels to users and keep in sync.
Automatically add users from Google Directory to users My Contacts with a label.

Automatically add files and folders to users.
Automatically create files and folders for users.
Automatically make a copy of files and folders and assign to a user.

Email Signatures
Create HTML email signatures for all users based on policy.

Set Vacation Responder for users
Create Email Labels for users
Create email SendAs aliases for users.
Configure email forwarding for users.
Create email filters automatically for users.
Enable, Disable and Configure POP/IMAP
Delegate Access to users automatically.
Assign Google Licences based on policy such as Google Voice, Frontline worker etc.

Whenever you’re transferring resources you can pick an executor, you can also change executor on the fly before the process starts via an approval email, using Google dynamic emails. 

Remove users from Google Groups
Transfer Google Group ownership

Remove user as an attendee
Transfer primary calendar
Transfer secondary calendars
Delete all events
Delete future events
Remove user from shared calendars

Transfer contact sharing (based on Patronum contact sharing)
Transfer contacts.
Remove ex-employee from all users My Contacts.

Transfer files to Shared Drive
Transfer files to someone else
Exclude specific folder in transfer
Transfer Google Looker data
Transfer external files to someone else
Request external users grant access to external files

Vacation responder – You can set an out of office reply.
Delegate Access – You can set up delegate access to the account.
Delete 2-step verification
Delete app-specific passwords
Change password
Remove email recovery
Remove connected applications
Hide User
Show User
Move User
Rename User
Assign email address to Google Group or User account. (Also dynamically create new Google Group for email forwarding)
Suspend User
Delete User
Set Google License such as an Archive User license.

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