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A Quick Guide To Email Signatures and Best Practices For 2022

By Patronum

December 21, 2021

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Everyone wants to make a powerful first impression. Moreover, with email being used for decades, it’s really difficult to stand out in the recipient’s inbox. If you’re looking to create a lasting impression that engraves your brand into a customer’s mind, you need to pay special attention to the most overlooked element of your emails – your email signature.

Email Signatures

Professionally designed email signatures do a lot more than simply providing information. They are effective marketing tools that can serve nearly any business goal, from building brand awareness to generating leads or perhaps closing sales. Hence, it is crucial to use the best practices for email signatures that can help your brand with early recognition and conversions.

We’re here with the Dos and Don’ts of how to design professional business email signatures and take your email signature marketing to the next level in 2022!

What Are The Best Email Signature Practices For 2022?

Well, it includes a lot of things that all together require consideration to make a perfect email signature. And the checklist includes Designs, Marketing Management, and most importantly, creating your signatures to match & meet your goals – whether it is branding, getting more eyeballs, driving traffic, or merely driving conversions.

This guide includes all components that are required for crafting (Harry Potter pun incoming…) stupefying email signatures in 2022.

Here it goes…


While creating an email signature always remember one mantra: less is more. Keeping it simple with the required important information looks very professional. Also, keep in mind the corporate colour and font style.


  1. Use only two shades in your email signature as more colour might distract the reader.
  2. Include a single font.

Do you know why it’s important to use visual gradation? It basically helps to highlight the important information and prioritize them accordingly to draw the attention of the recipient. The visual pyramid describes the most important content or image on the top and least at the bottom. In email signatures the formula is – name -> job profile -> contact number -> address -> social media links.


High-Quality Images or Graphic Elements

Key points to remember while including the images in the email signatures:

  1. Images should be used on neutral backgrounds
  2. Select the headshot instead of the full picture
  3. Correct graphic resolution

Relevant Social Icons

Yes, including social media icons are important but these are points you need to keep in mind:

  1. The links should be correct and land on the official social media page
  2. Mention the social media icons that are active
  3. Always use icons and not hi-res images.

Include Catchy CTA

Email signatures are widely being used as a marketing tool. When you add email signatures just make a bit extra effort to include CTA (Call to action) to subscribe, add review or maximize the website visitors with marketing tricks. Like, provide the link to your recent blog post or link to review your products, etc.

Add Marketing Practices

You can use it as a brand awareness tool with email signatures. The reach is to a wide range of people. To do that:

  1. Attach awards and certificates
  2. Customer Reviews
  3. Announcement

Standardized Email Signature

What’s the point if your employees are sharing different email signatures with the clients. No one will be able to remember your brand. And so, this is the sole reason you should have a standardized email signature. Thus, including it into best practice will enhance your branding in the right direction.

Different CTA’s for different departments

All departments have different jobs and thus their pitching actions are also different from each other. Hence, why not include the CTA’s in email signatures accordingly. For instance: If you’re a SAAS company, adding ‘Schedule a demo’ or ‘Register for Free Trial’ CTA will increase sign-ups.

Mobile-friendly Designs

The designs created should be mobile-friendly. Why? This is because more than half of the people open their emails on their mobile. Thus, if the email signatures resolution changes in the mobile like the signatures are stretched, logo is misplaced then there is no use of including email signatures.

Final Thoughts

Does all this sound like too much work? Well, if it was easy everybody would be doing it. Right? Fret not, we have one more tip in our bag to help you manage all the above points with utmost ease – Patronum. Our inbuilt Email Signature Management tool offers a wide range of professionally designed templates that simplifies creating email signatures for users who don’t have any HTML skills.

Our centralised Email Signature Management means everyone within your organization is presenting themselves correctly and stays on-brand. Sounds too good to be true? Try Patronum for free today and be the judge yourself. No credit card required. 🙂

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