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More and more of our corporate friends are including preferred pronouns within business email signatures, as well as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

For many organisations wanting to build an inclusive working environment, adding gender pronouns to a company email signature is a great first step. It brings awareness to something that many people might not have thought about before. By opening up the discussions around gender pronouns it provides further education as to why it is important that people’s identity is respected.

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If your organisation is planning on introducing this, we feel that it is best approached thoughtfully, and suggest that people only share their pronouns as they feel comfortable. We feel that it is important that leaders within the organisation share their pronouns as this signals to others, who may be uncomfortable, that they’re ready to adopt the correct language.

Using Patronum to add Pronouns

Patronum is the only email signature solution for Google Workspace that allows you to add any Google Directory attribute to your email signature. Using this approach organisations like iwoca, one of the fastest-growing business lenders in Europe, has been able to offer their staff a simple way of adding their preferred pronoun to their managed email signatures.

Mateusz Bijakowski from iwoca explains, “As a part of IT I consider the power to use and move custom data between systems in new ways one of my most powerful tools. We’ve been using GAM to populate our Google Directory with this custom information, but it was only when we discovered Patronum and the Email Signature Management features that we could really take things forward. It’s surprising that only Patronum allows me to do this with email signatures but that just shows that good tools are often more important than solutions.”

Adding any attribute to your Google Gmail Email Signature is super easy. Simply select the attribute you want from the editor and the attribute will be automatically added to the email signature. It’s that easy.

Adding Pronoun Attribute to Email Signature

Google also provides an attribute “gender.addressMeAs” which can be used to store users pronouns. This is not the same attribute that is accessible via

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