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Automating time-consuming tasks in Google Workspace with Patronum

By Patronum

January 20, 2020

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We love Google Workspace and are veteran users and administrators using and managing the productivity suite since the early days of Google Apps for Your Domain and while Google Workspace provides excellent collaboration features and increases user productivity, managing those users and resources can often be a labour-intensive task for overloaded and busy IT departments and individuals.

Our team recognise that automating those repetitive, time-consuming tasks is becoming more and more important for IT departments large and small. Patronum was built with one simple aim in mind, to make IT management of Google Workspace simple, and automated. At the heart of Patronum beats a powerful workflow and policy engine, designed specifically to deal with the automation of repetitive administrative tasks.

Provisioning Workflow

Patronum gives administrators the ability to dynamically and automatically group users together based on attributes such as department, job title and even manager. Using these workflows you can automate essential administrative tasks such as granting access to Google Drive files and folders or providing access to a project calendar.

This makes Patronum policy workflows perfect for user onboarding. Imagine automating new starters, providing access to files, and standard company folders, even create a new folder structure specific for your new employee, team and project calendars allocated automatically, Gmail setting and signatures created, as well as contacts shared from managers or team leaders. With Patronum your new hirers have access to all the tools, resources and information they need to be productive from day one, and all without IT having to lift a finger.

Workflow Hierarchy

In today’s workplaces, collaboration is an increasing part of every role with many of us working within multiple teams or wearing multiple hats, this is especially true within small organisations where the sales team is also performing the role of marketing etc. That is why we’ve designed Patronum with mixed teams in mind.

Workflow hierarchies provide a level of granular configuration, allowing administrators to define the priority of workflows so that the correct access and configuration is appropriately applied. This is especially important with to deployment of email setting and signatures after all a user can only have one primary email address and email signature, and if they are in two different departments there needs to be a method in defining which settings and email signature are configured for the user.

Email Signature Management

Speaking of email signature management, Patronum has one of the most powerful email signature management solutions in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Patronum has partnered with industry experts to ensure that email signatures look great across all email clients. After all your customers may be using a different email system to you, even one that doesn’t use the same fonts or treat images in the same manner.

What looks great in Gmail may look super nasty in Outlook, you could spend hours testing your email signature or just let Patronum do all the hard work for you. Within Patronum we’ve created several email signature templates specifically designed to look awesome no matter which email client is reading it.

Deprovisioning Workflow

Deprovisioning, off-boarding, employee exit management, we’re never quite sure what to call it, but having a well-defined policy for when your employees leave is essential for any business running Cloud or SaaS systems. In addition to creating and adding resources, Patronum’s workflow can be configured so that access to assets and information is securely removed upon or before exit. Patronum allows administrators to configure deprovisioning tasks within workflows that are triggered when a user is set to exit the business.

Access to company files and folders are restricted, ownership of documents not stored within Google Shared Drives are transferred, contact sharing is transferred, even emails and files can be migrated or archive.

Patronum is the must-have tool for any Google Workspace administrator. For further information and a demonstration of Patronum please schedule some time with our team.

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