Avenue Live gain control and consistency over emails branding with Patronum

Avenue Live is a meetings management and live event production company creating life-enriching attendee experiences of all sizes, they bring large-scale innovation to every event worldwide..

Their all-inclusive, white-glove approach to meeting planning and live production ensures that all involved—presenters, delegates, vendors, and meeting professionals alike—have an amplified platform on which to come together for a memorable, life-enriching experience.

Consistent Branding

It’s important to consistently promote the brand across multiple platforms in order to maintain the image and reputation customers and event-goers have come to trust. Email is no exception and that is why Sean Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer, chose Patronum to help manage the email signature rollout at Avenue Live.

“I already had email signatures in place shared with the organization via a Google Doc, the issue we had was that there was no brand consistency and no ability to control user’s details, such as job titles. If I wanted to update a signature, I’d have to work with every individual to update it on their end and ensure new details were added correctly”

“We wanted to find an email signature solution that would enable us to deliver consistency across the organization” stated Sean. “We tested a number of different solutions but eventually decided on Patronum, mainly due to being one of the few that had direct integration with Google, and the only one we found that could sync contact details back and forth and pull them into a signature. We also enjoyed the level of support we could receive from directly within the product.”

Immediate Support 

Most SaaS solutions provide support via email, however, Patronum support is built directly into the application. This means that configuration issues are resolved in seconds instead of days. 

Avenue Live
Google Email Signature Management

Automatic email signatures

It wasn’t long until Avenue Live had their branded email signatures up and running. Sean and his team no longer had to manually create an email signature every time a new employee started, this was all automatically done by Patronum – The Google Workspace Manager.

“Our experience with Patronum has been professional, and extremely timely” concluded Sean. “We can now automatically assign email signatures to users’ accounts, and centrally manage every users’ email signature from a single location.”

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