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Create Unique Email Signatures for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) with Patronum

By Patronum

February 14, 2020

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We’ve worked with 100’s of people just like you, and what they tell us is that a clean, clear and centrally managed email signature is essential for any business email system. These customers tell us that an email signature is not just a block of text or graphics at the end of an email, but a method in which they are able to reinforce a company brand to all new and existing customers.

That is why we created, within Patronum, one of the most comprehensive email signature management solutions on the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Marketplace.
With Patronum you can be confident that everyone within your organisation has a consistent email signature with official job titles, company information and branding in all their email communications.

Advanced email signature features

Patronum gives Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) customers a simple way of centrally controlling email signatures within Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), however, we also understand that some organisation need advanced features and flexibility too.

Expert Templates

OK, we get it, you don’t want to spend hours in meetings with designers and web developers, especially if they don’t really understand the pitfalls of email signature design. But we also know that creating the right email signature is important to your business regardless of size. Unfortunately, too many businesses spend hours designing the perfect email signature and then fail to deliver. Maybe they’re too adventurous or include a cool new font. We understand what makes a great email signature, our team have been doing this for over 10 years. That’s why Patronum includes over 20 professionally designed, built and tested HTML email signature templates. What’s more, you can also make minor customisations to our templates such as changing the font or change the colour of the text and icons to match your company brand.

Mobile Preview

With 81% of us using a smartphone for checking emails, it makes sense to verify that your email signature also looks great on smartphone devices too. With the Patronum email signature preview feature, you get to see what your email signatures will look like on a typical smartphone as well as a desktop browser.

Essential Elements

A centrally managed email signature helps enforce standard company information especially job titles, which for some reason, people seem to think it’s OK to change. In addition to standard Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) attributes Patronum also provides support for the following key elements:-

  • Social links – Include social media links within your email signature so that you can direct clients to your social media channels. Within Patronum we’ve made it easy to extend the Google Directory schema with social media links for all your users.
  • Custom Attributes – Within Patronum you can extend the schema of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Directory to include additional custom attributes. These attributes can then be used within your email signature. Information colleagues and clients about your “Working hours”, or maybe include “Personal Pronouns” in order to communicate additional information via email.
  • Disclaimer – A legal disclaimer is extremely important, as your work email signature can be used to form a binding and legal contract, as Manchester County Court ruled back in 2019. So be careful what you included within your email signature.

Advanced HTML editor

If you’re happy to roll up your shelves and get stuck into the HTML code of your email signature, Patronum offers a great Advanced HTML editor.

Email Signature

Live Preview

Even the most skilled HTML designers will benefit from our live preview panel. Editing your email signature in both HTML and WYSIWYG within the same interface enables email signature administrator to quickly create technically perfect designs.


Patronum allows you to build smart, intelligent email signature templates. So if an attribute is missing data from a users profile, Patronum will exclude it from the email signature. No empty spaces, to T: followed by a blank, with Patronum you can filter out these missing values.


At Patronum we understand that your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) environment isn’t always configured around Organisational Units, that’s why our policy engine allows you to apply email signatures based on multiple variables within your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) environment, such as Google Group, or an attribute like Job Title or Department or even a combination of these values. This makes Patronum email signature management one of the most powerful, time-saving solutions for keeping your company branding consistent. With Patronum administrators can tailor email signatures for individual teams within your business.


There may be a situation where users may be covered by multiple email signature policies in this case the email signature is determined by the most important policy. This gives administrators maximum control of how they deploy email signatures.

For example, a Customer Services Manager would be part of the Customer Services department, and would typically be assigned the same email signature as the rest of their department. However, as a manager, they are required to communicate additional information within their email signature, such as displaying an office mobile number for issue escalation etc. Using an email signature specifically for “Managers” this additional information can easily be relayed via their email signature.

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