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Email Signatures are Marketing Tools

By Patronum

March 22, 2021

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If you asked your marketing team what their main channel for digital marketing was they’d probably say LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and be busy blasting out updates on those channels. But did you know that 86% of business professionals still say that their email is their primary method of communication?

Also, email marketing generates the highest ROI among all other digital marketing channels. It’s not rocket science, YOUR customers will read YOUR emails.

Yet there are still many people out there who don’t give their email signatures the consideration it desires. It still surprises us that over 48% of business email users don’t have an email signature, while others make do with poorly thought-out or badly designed ones. Your email signature helps convey your corporate identity, whether your a solopreneur or multi-national organisation, an effective email signature can help drive business and improve your customer relations. It can also be an effective marketing channel to promote additional services, webinars and events to your existing customer base.

Email Signatures

Email Signatures for Marketing

Just like for any digital marketing channel, you need to know the basics. So, don’t expect to generate leads as soon as you start using company-wide email signatures. However these simple tips we will take you from white belt beginner to black belt email signature guru in no time.

How to Design the Perfect Email Signature

We see so many organisations without a professional email signature. So we ask “Would you send out company letters or invoices on unbranded paper?” Well, it’s the same with email, sending emailing without the correct company branding can damage your business. When it comes to creating the perfect email signature, less is often more.

Sending emails that are inconsistent could cause reputational damage to your organisation. We strongly believe that the key to establishing a brand and building trust is through consistency. This is true with email too. If you received an email from a supplier which is off-brand you may suspect that it was a phishing email.

Check out our other blog articles for some awesome tips on email signature design.

Email Signature Management

When it comes to email signature management, we recommend Patronum. Patronum provides a modern email signature editor, designed so that it works for both the novice and the tech ninja alike, with lots of features and advanced editing options to help manage employees’ sign-offs.

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