Gbiz provide management service to customers via Patronum

Gbiz, a UK based managed service provider, offers independent, impartial and technology agnostic advice to its clients. Their customer and business-first approach help organisations transform with the implementation of appropriate business solutions. Gbiz focuses on providing secure and reliable solutions, which is why it recommends Google Workspace as the main office suite.

The Gbiz team, from left, Anthony Teasdale, Robert Stiff, Garry Stonehouse, Martin Houseman and Joseph Shaw. Photograph: Stuart Boulton

Google Workspace Manager Service

On a daily basis, Gbiz engineers would be tasked with adding email delegate access or updating clients email signatures, and even with tools such as GAM, this was an extremely time consuming and sometimes complex process until they started using Patronum as an integral part of their managed service offering.

Garry Stonehouse, founder of Gbiz confirmed that “With Patronum I no longer need to worry about sharing GAM configurations or command scripts with the team, with a few clicks we can achieve everything we need to do within Patronum.” 

Redcar & Cleveland Mind Organisation are just one of the many clients using Gbiz to help manage their Google Workspace environment.  

Garry continued, “Redcar & Cleveland Mind are currently celebrating 30 years of helping people within the local area overcome mental health issues. As part of this celebration we were asked to update the email signatures of all the staff, without Patronum this would have taken us days of planning and implementation, however thanks to Patronum it took us just a few hours.”

Gbiz now uses Patronum with all their Google Workspace customers.

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