Get Your Google Drive Organised

We’ve been using Google Drive for almost a decade, and unfortunately in the early years, we believed all the hype about searching for files as a pose to organising them. I guess we’ve learnt that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Users of Google Drive can accrue tons of files and it can become a real mess to find anything specific. Yeah sure, we can search, but if everyone has their own versions of the company presentation finding the version you want can be a bind. So here’s how you can use Patronum to help your users organize their Google Drive to find everything faster and make sure it stays in order.

Create Standard Folders

One of the easiest ways to organize your Google Drive is to create specific folders. For example, you could have a standard set of folders for company proposals, presentations, and projects. You can also create folders specific to your users in order to give them a steer on best practices.

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Use a Naming Convention

When creating folders within Patronum try using a naming convention that helps your users easily differentiate files and folders from each other. When they start to accumulate more and more items within their Google Drive, these names will save them from opening several files while trying to locate a specific one.

Train your users

In addition to setting up standard folders via Patronum consider educating new employees on your company’s best practices for organizing their files and folders.

Patronum will get them set up, but training will make sure they keep their Google Drive organised.

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