Google Drive Compliance

Google Drive Compliance

With Google Drive and Google Docs collaboration is simply a click away, however with that
simplicity company data can quickly become unmanageable and a risk. Company
information is often shared widely between employees, departments and external
organisations, from suppliers to customers. Managing this data can be extremely
challenging, unless you have the right tools to hand. Patronum gives you visibility over who
has access to your Google Drive information.

Identify Personal access

Users may share files and folders with their personal Google accounts. This access can often remain in place long after the user has left the organisation.Offboarding processes simply transfer files ownership from one user to another while retaining external access.

Shared with Link

We all know that link based sharing in Google Drive should be avoided as it give anybody with the link to access your Google Drive files, however we still do it. Patronum allows you to change or remove link based sharing in order to keep your internal information private.

External Access Control

With Patronum you get complete visibility and control over each file, folder and shared drive that external organisations have access to. Filter by individual contractor or external domain wide, and remove access with a single click.

Anyone can find and access

Many Google Workspace organisations have files that are searchable by anyone within the business. Many organisations don’t ever realised they are doing it. Patronum give you immediate visibility of these files and change access permissions.


Unshare Files

Advance Filtering

File Search

External Access

Shared Drives

Internal Access

With Patronum Google Drive Compliance feature, your Google Drive data is secure. Identify external organisations who have access to your data, and remove access if necessary. Install Patronum today and experience the difference.

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