Google Drive Management

Google Drive Management

Allows IT administrators to see Google Drive in a whole different way. View users files and folders and review sharing permissions, including Google Shared Team Drives. With Patronum managing Google Drive feels more like managing a local filesystem with all the control and power IT administrators need.

Browse Users Files & Folders.

SPatronum allows IT administrators the ability to browse all your Google Workspace users files and folders in order to provide better remote assistance.

Change Ownership

Manually change ownership of users files and folders directly from within the Patronum interface.

Update Sharing Settings

Review and change users file-sharing permissions.

Move Files and Folders

Assist users in maintaining a structured Google Drive environment by moving their files and folders for them remotely.

Manage Shared Drives

Sometimes users will create multiple Google Shared Drives outside the control of the rest of the organization. With Patronum you can access these specific shared drives and add new managers and users.

Add files from other users

Sometimes your users will need access to files that they currently don’t and the owner may not be available. Patronum allows IT administrators to give other users files and folders so that they can continue to be productive.


Rename Files

Add Files

Move Files

Change Ownership

Create New Folders

Share Files

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