Google Workspace administrators can see all user calendar events regardless of privacy settings.

Next to Gmail Google Workspace calendar is one of the most used apps within the Google Workspace set of offerings. Users can create events and even specific calendars and set permissions in order to share, or not, information about events and appointments. Within Patronum you can create, share and manage users calendars automatically.

However, did you know that regardless of the privacy settings of your calendar and appointments your Google Workspace super-user is able to see everything?

Many managers don’t realise that within IT systems private isn’t truly private, someone or something needs full access in order for the system to correctly function. Unfortunately not knowing this can often lead to confidential information being exposed, and there is nothing you can do within Google Workspace to prevent this.

There are several things, however, that you can do to work around it.

  1. Restrict the use of super-user accounts, and don’t have them as an individuals day to day account.
  2. Have an HR policy in place detailing what super-users should and should not do. Any breach of this policy can then be dealt with, but don’t share the disciplinary details via a calendar event ;)
  3. If you have an appointment that is confidential switch to a personal account or use a different calendar application on your mobile device.

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