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How HR Can Use Email Signatures to Create Company Culture.

By Patronum

May 21, 2022

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62% of marketers and business owners use their email signatures to promote their brands, acting as a valuable tool that can further expand brand awareness not only externally but also around a company internally. Using a product such as Patronum an organisation can easily add email signatures to any and all emails. This gives you an incredible marketing tool that brings an element of professionality to every single email you send, as well as attaching useful social media information that helps people stay in contact with your work accounts.

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If we set aside the benefits a standard email signature can bring for promoting the company and ensuring a higher degree of brand visibility, email signatures can also be used to further represent company culture and boost communication internally. In fact, this final point of increasing the ease of communication has been echoed by various major marketing agencies, with 89% of marketers using signatures to include further contact information.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits that can come from using a centrally managed email signature solution throughout a company, discussing the key advantages as well as demonstrating how an organisation can help inform and develop a company culture.

Creating a Centrally Managed Email Signature in Patronum

Adding a email signature to all your Google Workspace users via Patronum is extremely simple, giving you the ability to control exactly what each individual users email signature will look like.

Why Your Company Needs an Email Signature

Once you’ve created your email signature you instantly start to benefit. A centrally managed email signature can:-

  • Boost Brand Recognition – Brand recognition is a huge part of any online marketing stratergy. In fact, by using just your corporate colours in your email you are reflecting your company style, which in itself will improve brand recognition by up to 80%. Your company’s email signature gives you a fantastic opportunity to include marketing materials, such as your company logo, name as well as specific call to action banners. Over time, this repetition created by all your employees using a standard email signature will contribute to increasing the recognition and associating positive customer service with your brand.
  • Improve Professionality – Over 82% of businesses use an email signature. Having a centrally management email signature allows you to promote an image of professionality. Companies are using them to show their branding and culture. Not only is this convenient, but it increases a sense of professionality online.
  • Streamline Contact – Another benefit of using a centrally managed email signatures is that you can include employees contact details. Email, although widely used, is far from the most efficient means of communication. Due to this, including a phone number, and alternative methods to stay in touch with the company such as social media, twitter etc are essential part of your company email signature.

While the above benefits are typically obvious to most organisations they are just the nip of the iceberg.

How Can HR Use an Email Signature to Foster Company Culture?

Having discussed the obvious external benefits a centrally managed email signature brings to your business, the internal benefits are often overlooked. However, having an email signature management solution can also be used by HR departments to progress company culture.

Email Signature

Within most organisations email is the core method of communication, especially for organisations who are now working remotely or in hybrid environments. An email signature, centrally managed can be used by the HR department to:-

  • Announce news – Using Patronum to dynamically create Google Groups, HR can distribute messages and company news through their email. Their email signatures can also be used to relay or reaffirm additional information. An email signature is a great place to keep people involved and updated without focusing them to read through a long email thread.
  • Schedule meetings – Many organisations use solutions such as Google Workspace or Calendly to provide “Book a Meeting” links. Using a solution such as Patronum generic and even personalised links can be added to an email signature. This saves the tedious back and forth that occurs when trying to book meeting slots.
  • Conduct a survey – If you really want to get some feedback from your customers, or even internal staff, a link to an online survey is an excellent way of anonymously canvusing opinions. Using a email signature management solution you can quickly add a link to your survey. This extends the reach of your target audience to everyone your organisation interacts with.

Final Thoughts

We think email signatures are brilliant, and used correctly can help create a professional communication medium as well as boosting your brand recognition. What is often overlooked by many organisations is how HR should be involved in the design and deployment as an email signatures can also be a great noticeboard for company communication.

So why not take a look at your company email signature today and see if you can make some significant improvements? Maybe look at including a schedule meeting button or invest in an online survey.

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