How to restore your Google Contacts

Many small and mid-size businesses rely heavily on contacts stored on their mobile phones. But what happens if for some reason you lose a contact or they are accidentally deleted due to a faulty application, it can be quite traumatic, to say the least. In fact, does anyone know they partner mobile number off the top of their head, so what would happen if you lost that?

How to restore contacts from Google Contacts web interface

Well, if you’re using an Android phone and Google contacts you’re in luck as Google is backing up your contacts and it’s possible to recover them. Hidden away within the Google contacts web interface is a neat undo changes option.

 Google Contacts
Google Contacts – Settings

To restore your Google contacts, you just need to click on the cog icon and select “Undo changes“. Once you select this the following dialogue box will appear.

undo contacts 2
Undo changes – Google Contacts

From here you will be able to put your contacts back to how they were and bring back the contacts you deleted or lost. You can choose from a few different options from 10 mins to a maximum of 30 days or anywhere in between. However, be aware that if you’ve recently added new Google contacts these will be removed. So if you’ve added a lot of contacts you Export all your contacts just in case.

export contacts
Export Google Contacts

How to restore contacts from a backup on your phone

Another method in which you can restore your Google contacts is via the contact backups on your Android device. In order to do this, you’ll need to access the “Settings” menu from within the Google Contacts App. From here you have a few options, “Restore” as well as the “Undo changes” as discussed above.

contact settings.png
Google Contact App – Settings

To restore contacts from a backup you’re going to have to select “Restore“. From the restore section of the app you can restore all the contacts from a previous Android backup.

Google Contacts Andriod.png
Google Contact Restore options

Again, if any contacts have been added since the last backup they will be removed when you perform your restore, so take an export so you keen all your current contacts.

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