Contact Sharing


Contact Sharing

Create contact groups, add relevant contacts and share contact book with other Google Workspace users. Now sync all your contacts and labels with Google Contacts every day. Google contact sharing gives you the flexibility to fetch all your contacts changes done during the day and modify them at other users’ ends. All the users have the latest and updated contacts.

Direct Integration With
Google Gmail

Google contact sharing enables the best features for you and to manage your contacts. Patronum is smoothly integrated into Google Workspace, Gmail and Google Contacts. Our Google Chrome extension gives users the best possible experience when it comes to managing and sharing contacts with co-workers.

Auto Sync Across Mobile/Tablet & Outlook Clients

In Google contact sharing your Google Contacts are updated automatically across various platforms:
Desktop, Mobile, Tablet or Microsoft Outlook. Users get instant access to contacts across different devices automatically.

Set User Level Permissions

With Patronum you are in control of your Google Addressbook. Share contact labels with other users and assign permissions such as “Can Edit”, “Can Delete” and “Read Only”. Our interface is based on the same permissions model used within Google Docs making it super easy to understand and deploy.

Multi-Domain Sharing

In addition to sharing contacts across all your users within your company Google Workspace domain and sub-domains, you can also share and interact with customers and partners by sharing your Google Contacts outside of your Google Workspace domain.

Enterprise Security

Patronum is built on a global scale technical infrastructure designed to provide security throughout. We have invested heavily in securing our infrastructure and we have engineers dedicated to keeping your data and information secure and private.

Advanced Logging

Patronum provides administrators with an extensive logging feature which gives them the power to monitor and keep a track of updates to contact sharing throughout the whole system. See who is sharing what and to whom.


Unlimited Shared Contact Labels

Unlimted Shared Contacts

User Level Permissions Management

Mobile/Tablet & Outlook sync

Share with Google Groups

Share with external domains

Instant Sync

Advanced logging and security features

Patronum is the best solution for managing your Google contacts. Enjoy features of Google contact sharing.Enjoy unlimited shared contact labels, shared contacts, and outlook sync. Patronum is a one-stop solution for all your Google contact sharing challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within Google Workspace Contacts, your personal contacts (leads, customers etc) can be grouped via a label. Patronum allows you to share these contacts with other members of your team.

Whenever you make changes to your contacts within your Google Contacts they will automatically sync to any device.

Like Google Docs we have 3 levels of permissions:

    • Can View – Users are able to see the shared contacts and group
    • Can Edit – Users can see shared contacts, add new contacts and edit and delete existing contacts.
    • Can Manage – User can see shared contacts, add new contacts, edit existing contacts, delete contacts and share contacts with other users.

Our application needs to be installed domain-wide and requires the necessary permissions to access your Google Contacts. Only your Google Workspace administrator has the ability to grant this type of permission.

Google Shared Contacts is also known as the Google Directory. This is a centralized store of contact information. Google Contacts are unique to each Google Workspace user.

No, anyone within the organization can share their contacts via the Patronum app and Chrome Extension.

If the administrator account that installed Patronum is deleted it’s not a problem. Simple change the administrator account to a new user within the Patronum application.

If the owner of a contact label that is being shared is deleted you will need to transfer label and contact ownership to another user. This can be performed automatically via the Patronum deprovisioning policies.

If you are the manager of a contact label you can create additional managers. These managers have exactly the same permissions as you over the contact label, the contacts and who is able to manage these contacts.

Yes, contact backup is available as standard. We do not charge you an additional fee for contact backups and restores.

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