How to share Google Contacts to Other Gmail Users


There are several ways in which you can share your Google Gmail Contacts with other people. Some are easier than others. Here at Patronum, we strive to make software that feels intuitive and integral to the tools your already using. That is why we’ve made Patronum Google Contact Sharing the best and simplest option available.

The best way to organise your contacts is via Google Labels in the Google Contacts Manager and share them using the Patronum Shared Contacts Chrome Extension.

Installing the Google Chrome Extension

To take full advantage of the Patronum Shared Contact feature you will need to download the Google Chrome Extension.

Using Contact Sharing Extension

To use the Patronum Contact Sharing Chrome Extension simply go to

You will now notice that each contact label has a share icon associated with it.

share Google Contacts

Selecting the share icon will pop up a familiar share interface. Only users within your organisation can be shared with currently.

Now select which permission you want to share your contacts.

SAVE these settings and you’re sharing your contact label.

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Administrating Google Shared Contacts

Google Workspace administrators can see which users have set up Google Contact Sharing through the Patronum app interface.

From the Patronum Contacts menu select CONTACT SHARING here you will see all the users and which labels they are sharing and with who.


Google Workspace administrators may also decide to set up contact sharing for users directly without giving them access to the Patronum Contact Sharing Chrome Extension.

Directory Contact Sharing

Within Patronum you can also sync the Google Directory profiles directly to users Google Contacts. This can be done by selecting Directory Contacts when adding Contact Sharing instead of selecting a specific user. This is extremely useful when your users have iOS devices and need access to the Google Workspace Directory.


Patronum is the only solution on the Google Workspace Marketplace that offers enterprise-level Google Contact Sharing, Directory Contact Sharing and other automation tasks to support user on and offboarding.

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