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Keeping an Accurate Google Directory is now Critical

By Patronum

November 24, 2020

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Every Google Workspace (G Suite) environment uses the Google Directory to store information about users, groups and external contacts. Regardless of whether this data has an authoritative source such as an HR system or is simply manually added, the employees within your business rely on this directory information to find other users or even to understand where they fit within the overall organisation. If the data within your Google Directory is inaccurate, some of the features within Google Workspace wouldn’t be as effective as they should be.

Google Contacts


With the recent announcement of the Google Contacts side panel, your users will start to get a closer look at just what’s stored within the Google Directory, and if their data is up to date. They will be able to view a contacts location, telephone number, and even where they side within the organisation structure.

Dynamic Google Groups

Within the top tier Enterprise Editions of Google Workspace, Google has introduced Dynamic Google Groups. A dynamic group is a Google Groups whose memberships are automatically managed using a query on employee attributes from the Google Directory. Attributes such as job title, building location, or even a custom attribute can be used to define the membership of a Google Group. As Google Groups can be used as security containers for accessing services or data it’s extremely improvement that this information is kept up to date and accurate.

Organisation View


Within Patronum you can search for colleagues using the information stored within the Directory as well as browse through your organisations reporting structure. Find colleagues and then see who’s within their team, or who they report in to within your organisation.

Now more than ever it’s important to maintain an accurate Google Directory. Maybe a few years ago it wasn’t such an issue, in fact, most Google administrators didn’t even know there was a Google Directory. It was hidden away only accessible via the Google API’s. However, with most of us working from home it’s essential that we remain connected to our teams, and the wider organisation.

Create a Health Google Directory

By investing in products like Patronum you can help analyze and maintain accurate Google Directory data. Using Patronum you can define what information within your Google Directory is mandatory and obtain a report of missing or incorrectly formatted information. You can also encourage your users to update their information.

Maintaining and managing your Google Directory may be one of the most boring tasks any Google Workspace administrator has to do but with help from Patronum you can quickly and effortlessly create an accurate set of information stored within your Google Directory that can be an essential part of your Cloud Infrastructure.
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