Patronum Google Drive beta

We’re excited to announce the introduction of our new Google Drive beta aimed to help administrators get better insights over who has access to their company data sorted in Google Drive and Google Shared Drives.

Google Shared Drives

Most organisations and businesses are making the move and starting to use Google Shared Drives to store their files as it typically offers more structure and control, and ultimately the company “owns” this data. However, standard Google admin tools don’t give you the full picture, this is where Patronum can help.

Using Patronum administrators can obtain full visibility over all Google Shared Drives, and not just internal ones.

Google Drive Beta
Manage all Google Shared Drives.

Filter list based on internal and externally owned Google Shared Drives in order to see where data could be leaking from your organisation. Browse the content of Google Shared Drives that, as an administrator, you may not have been given access to. Review the permissions and settings of Google Shared Drives and update if necessary.

Google Drive Sharing

Do you know who has access to your data? With Patronum you can see at a glance which users, both internally and externally, have access to your data.

sharing files
Discover oversharing in Google Drive.

With Patronum you get a full 360o view of files. Filter based on internal or external users, or files to get complete visibility of what your organisation is sharing as well as what your team is accessing from external organisations.

If you’re interested in learning more get in touch with the Patronum Team.

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