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Patronum – Google’s secret new administration tool?

By Patronum

December 20, 2022

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You may be forgiven to think that Patronum, with its slick Material Design interface, was the latest addition from the Google Workspace team, but you’d be wrong. Patronum was designed and developed right here at Bespin Labs and is our answer to all those repetitive tasks Google Workspace administrators will often need to perform. You can find out more about Patronum over at or get in touch to arrange a demo with our product managers.

User Lifecycle Management

Within every organisation there is often a constant cycle of starters, leavers and movers, and managing that churn can very often be extremely time-consuming and prone to human error, putting the security of the organisations IT assets at risk and exposure. Patronum helps eliminate that risk and also improve overall user adoption and productivity by managing the whole user lifecycle. Users will no longer have to hunt from resources when they join a new team, Patronum will automatically give them access, while also updating their calendar, email signatures and the company organisation chart.

Onboarding and Offboarding

With Patronum, you have extremely powerful, yet easy to use, onboarding and offboarding automation via our policy and workflow environment. Users created in either Google Workspace or Patronum can automatically be given access to files, folders, calendars, and Google groups. Gmail settings and email signatures can also be applied to increase adoption and productivity. Security is maintained via our offboarding policy which makes sure that when a user leaves the organisation, their mobile device is wiped, their account is secured and their data is transferred back into the organisation.

Email Signature

Many organisations are still leaving the updating of organisation email signatures down to the user. With Patronum you can quickly design, and deploy professional-looking email signatures within minutes to your entire organisation, or using a policy to refine the distribution to specific team members. There is no need to route your email through 3rd party servers, Patronum works directly within Google Workspace updating email signature direct to your end-users, and you can also delegate email signature management to your market team if required, reducing the burden on IT.

People Directory

Many organisations don’t realise that hidden within Google Workspace is the Google Directory containing all the details of the most important asset within your business, your people. Now imagine how much more productive your organisation would be if you could use this information to help you better collaborate. The Patronum Directory automatically creates an organisation chart using the relationships, hierarchies and organisational structure stored within your Google Workspace. Users can use the Patronum Directory to locate colleagues based on location, department, skill, or languages, and because the Google Directory is extendable well, you can add any attribute you like to your users and we’ll help you search for it. Need a colleague who can speak German living in Manchester, Patronum will help your connect within an instant.

Contact Sharing

Seamlessly integrated within Google Contacts via the Patronum Chrome extension, our Google Contacts sharing feature allows individuals to share their Google Contacts in exactly the same way they would share a Google Doc. With Patronum you can share any of your Google Contact labels with other users or groups within your organisation. You can also protect your information via permissions, grant read-only if you simply want to push your contacts to other users, or full-access if you want to collaborate on contacts within your label. With Patronum you can turn Google Contacts into a CRM tool for your business.

Contact Sharing Image

For more information on Patronum visit or get in touch with our team and arrange for a demo.

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