Project Management uses for Google Groups

Google Groups are a simple and convenient way for users in the organisation to communicate and collaborate with entire departments, project teams, office locations and more. Using a Google Group, you can send an email en masse, invite colleagues to meetings, create and review documents, and even share Google calendars. However, within many organisations managing Google Groups can be a full-time job. Patronum allows administrators to create policies which can automatically populate Google Groups with the correct colleagues, making sure that everybody who needs to be in the group is added, and those who are not, removed.

Here are some examples of where Patronum can be used to create Google Groups within the Project Management arena.

Project Discussion Forum – Essential for project management, as well as building company culture, Google Groups give users the ability to share and discuss project issues with people throughout the team though the Google Group web interface. Within Patronum simply create a Google Group and define the Google Directory attributes users need in order to be automatically included within the discussion. These attributes can vary from the standard, Google defined ones such as Department, Job Title etc. or can use custom attributes such as skills or languages.

Project Calendar – Group members can automatically be invited to project update meetings via the Google Calendar. Team members need never miss an important update meeting as they will all be automatically added to the correct Google Calendars. Using Patronum policies you can add a Google Calendar to a Group and in turn automatically give all members of the group access to the Google Calendar.

Google Group

Collaborate on Project Documentation – With a Google Group, team members across the organisation can be given access to all the necessary project files. Documents, spreadsheets, slides and more can all be stored within a Google Drive and Shared Drive. Through Patronum permissions can automatically be managed to make sure only the appropriate member of the team has full access. When someone is no longer required within the project access to the files is also automatically removed.

Patronum automation takes the stress out of managing your Google Groups and the whole Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) system. If you’re interested in learning more register for a free one-to-one conversation with one of our team.

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