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Remove leavers from all Google Calendar events

By Patronum

September 16, 2022

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Even the most unorganized person can become the most efficient with the use of Google Calendar. Scheduling appointments, jumping on Google Meetings with people from around the world, the Google calendar does more than just remind you what day it is today. But what happens to that neat schedule when people in your organisation leave?

It sounds like such a minor issue, but when you someone leaves your organisation and you delete their Google Workspace account their email address can still be listed within other users’ Google Calendar events.

Deleted user in Google Calendar

This can be frustrating for end-users, especially if they have large groups of guests or recurring appointments to manage. At Patronum, we’ve been working with Google Workspace since it was known as “Google Apps for Your Domain” and as such we understand that helping organisations address what seems to be a small issue, makes all the difference. That is why we give Patronum administrators the ability to remove ex-employees from events within their Google Workspace Calendar system. Our industry-leading technology searches through every single event within the Google Workspace Calendar system and removes the leaver.

Configuring a Policy to remove attendees

Although the process of removing an attendee is complex, creating the policy is extremely simple. First, you need to create an offboarding policy within Patronum. To create an offboarding policy simply follow the instructions within Within the Calendar deprovision section, all you need to do it tick “Remove user as attendee”, and let Patronum do all the hard work for you.

Remove user as an attendee of a Google Calendar

Other Google Calendar options

There are also other features within Patronum related to Google Calendars that are super useful. As part of an offboarding process, you can transfer the ex-colleagues’ primary calendar to someone else. Really useful if that events coordinator is leaving the organisation, in the middle of a series of events or webinars.

Patronum also allows the Patronum administrator to automatically delete all or just the events in the future within the leavers’ calendar. This frees up resources that the individual may have allocated via a future calendar appointment. Finally while still talking about offboarding, Patronum also allows the administrator to remove the leaver from all shared calendars they may have been given access to during their time within the organisation.

Onboarding Google Calendar features

In addition to all the complexities related to Google Calendars when people leave your organisation, Patronum also helps correctly get people set up when they join. With an onboarding policy, you can automatically allocate company calendars to new starters. Add important company calendars from the Company Holiday calendar to campaign and event calendars.

Employees will never miss an important event, or book a vacation at the same time as a colleague as they’ll be able to see all the important events within their own calendar view.

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