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Simple tips to make an impressive email signature work for your company

By Patronum

March 08, 2021

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Email Signatures are widely being used for marketing and branding purposes. You may already be using an email signature as part of your marketing strategy. It’s important that you focus on your email signature and make sure that it’s deployed consistently throughout your organisation.

Walk through this article to learn some of the tips and tricks in creating impressive email signatures.

Tips on How Email Signature Works For Your Company

The following tips will help you make a good first impression while at the same time getting over your company personality, brand and key contact information.

Keep your Text Lean

Include 3-4 lines that are essential in your signature. And that could be:

Your Name

Job Profile

Contact Information

Optional Details: social media links, slogan, etc

Incorporate your Branding

Corporate branding is a must. Many companies invest in their corporate identity. The branding elements should also be used in email signatures, i.e., the company’s logo, motto, image, and services. This helps to outreach the target audiences. But avoid overdoing this, too much branding can distract your audience.

Add Colours

Always add some colours. If you have brand colour, add it in your email signatures. And in case there is no brand colour, you should use any two solid colours resembling your brand services.

Use Images

Visualization is essential in helping your customers remember you. Therefore it’s important when connecting with clients to use professional images or headshots. These images can be stored in Google Drive or on your public-facing website. A professional headshot builds trust with your clients.

Social Media Linking

In this digital world, you need to be presentable on social media. A LinkedIn profile can include complete information and is a very professional social media platform. Therefore, try adding a notification of your company’s LinkedIn profile and then its link in your email signature.

Brag a Little

It would help if you bragged a little to gain trust and create an authentic impression over the target audience. Use the details of your award or your impressive achievements in your email signatures. Let your audience know that you are passionate about your business and will be touching great heights with your compassionate work and reliable clients within a few years.

Write an engaging CTA’s

A call to action works as a ‘six to the wide ball’. (if you know your cricket) Therefore, try to write an engaging CTA that forces the recipient to perform, bringing good results in your court. Ensure that your CTA should directly indicate what you want from the reader with an appropriate landing page link.

Final Words

To make things work, you need to focus on a quality email signature and stay on brand. If not, audiences or recipients will never be interested in investing time to look up to your work. You can also use Patronum to configure attractive, consistent and centrally managed email signatures for your Google Workspace.

For better understanding, you can seek a trial on Patronum’s official website, schedule a demo or check us out on YouTube.

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