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Top 10 Email Signature Management Tips-Patronum

By Patronum

April 12, 2020

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Whenever you do anything, you must do it with utmost perfection. And, to do it with utmost perfection, you must have proper knowledge about it. Likewise, when you start an email signature marketing strategy, it is necessary to know about email signature management. Once you understand how best to manage your organisation’s email signatures, you will discover that it’s an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Hence, we thought it would be helpful to share these tips for email signature management. Just walk through the article to discover the best marketing tips for your company.

Top 10 Email Signature Management Tips

Use these tips for managing email signatures of your organization:

Distribute and share a standard email signature with all your employees. Make sure all members use the email signature.

Update email signature advertising banners regularly. An old promotional banner of any event creates a negative impression on the clients.

Next, you can incept the latest tweet or news of your business in your email signature. If it’s a detailed version, attach the link to that particular landing page where your article is published.

Make sure that whatever template you are using for your email signature creation perfectly works on smartphones too. Preview thoroughly before rendering it.

Revise the design at regular intervals, even if it was working. Even the designs are working now, and they might not work all the time. Email signature management is all about improvisation.

Try to provide different email signature designs to other teams, for the sales team; you can give designs that promote any product or service. Think about how can a particular team gain the most from email signatures.

Always be up for changes and updates. The employees will come and go; events will be regularly scheduled, awards will be won. Try to match and update your email signature management.

Use Patronum for seamless email signature management without much effort. It provides the best management space.

How Patronum eases Email Signature Management?

Here’s how Patronum eases the management of email signatures:

  • All new joiners are given standard email signatures.
  • All information is automatically read from Google Workspace Directory.
  • Additional information such as Working Hours or Pronouns can be added.
  • Patronum policy makes sure that email signatures remain consistant.
  • If you don’t know where to start Patronum has a number of professional email signature templates available to you.
Email Signature

Final Words

When it comes to email signature management for Google Workspace you shouldn’t compromise. Only Patronum provides email signature management natively into Google Gmail, while also updating all different SendAs addresses for each of your company brands.

Want to learn more, schedule a demo, request a trial or check out our YouTube Page.

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