Why choose Patronum?

If you’re familiar with Patronum you know that we’re an excellent User Lifecycle management platform managing the on and offboarding of Google Workspace users.

Things such as:-

But, what makes Patronum different to the other tools in the Google Workspace Marketplace?


How would Patronum differentiate?

We often get asked by customers and partners who are already using tools to manage the on and offboarding process, why should they switch to Patronum. So here is a list of why we are different.

  1. Pricing. Our pricing policy is clear, transparent and displayed on the website, at $8 USD per user per year. Yes, per YEAR.
  2. Support. Patronum support is built directly into the product via chat, video and screensharing so no need to play email tennis to resolve issues or ask questions. 
  3. Community. We have a strong and vocal user and partner community who provide guidance on features and pricing policy.
  4. Google focus. We are 100% focused on Google Workspace. Often working with alpha and beta API’s, we aim to be amongst the first to bring new features to the market. Our UI and UX is very Google centric using material design so our application feels like a native Google Workspace app.
  5. Google Directory. Patronum utilises the Google Directory 100%. Unlike other solutions that cache the Google Directory, we interact with Google in real-time, no need to wait 24hrs for changes to appear.
  6. Google Schema. Patronum uses the Google Directory schema. This means that you can include information, such as pronouns, directly into email signatures or set information, like termination date, via 3rd party applications like a HR system that can then be actioned by Patronum.
  7. Google Drive features. We provide Google Workspace administrators visibility and management of users Google Drives and Google Shared Drives.
  8. Security. Patronum is ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 certified. Our platform is independantly tested both statically at a source code level and dynamically via penetration testing.
  9. Flexibility. Our policy engine is built to run repeating administration tasks, this goes beyond on and off boarding of users.
  10. Leadership. The team at Patronum has decades of experience working with Google Workspace and the wider eco-system at both a technical and at a strategic level, and have presented at Google Next and community events.

If you’re interested in how Patronum can work for you then get in touch and schedule a demo.

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