Why you need a standard business email signature

Email is still the number one method of business to business communication, and for most people, they try their best to make their email communication sound as professional as possible using solutions such as Grammarly etc. One of the most important components that are often overlooked but play a huge part in creating a good first impression of your business is, of course, your email signature. Like a perfectly crafted business card handed with care to any potential client, an email signature enforces your virtual identification during online communication.

Email Signature

Why are email signature important?

Email signatures show professionalism.

Like the monarchs, bishops and other nobles in the middle ages who would issue official decrees, and documents and sign them with a wax seal, an email signature provides a professional close at the end of your online communication, catching the attention of the readers and provoking them to seek further information about your company, visit your website, and subscribe to your social media feeds. A professionally designed and centrally maintained email signature informs the recipient so much more than the information stored within. It can relay who you are as a company, your values, as well as your personality and culture.

Email signature promote brand recognition.

When it comes to email signatures, it’s critical that they are aligned with your company brand. Everything from your company logo, colors, the correct web fonts, and social media icons all solidify your company brand in the eyes of your customer. By incorporating your brand within your email signature you’re helping to inspire loyalty and brand affinity. By including a well-designed email signature you are eliminating the risks of becoming just another business to the level of an instantly recognized brand with the associated product and services its provides.

Email signatures provide further contact information.

There has always been the debate over whether you should have your email address within your email signature, however, the last thing you want is customer confusion. Again your email signature is here to help by providing contact details related to the company department, or the employee, using a solution like Patronum you can dynamically include additional information such as when you will be available, or if you have a holiday scheduled etc.

Apart from being advantageous for your brand, and convenient for your customers, the well-designed, centrally managed email signatures are also extremely useful for your employees. By using Patronum you can save them a lot of time spent on manually creating them and keeping them updated with changes in design and role.

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