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15 Tips To Boost Your Brand With Email Signature Branding

By Patronum

October 22, 2021

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The brand is one of the most powerful marketing assets, especially when it’s yours. Your everyday email is counted as the #1 business communication channel. You need to put them together, and you’ve got a brand-boosting match made in heaven!

Email signature branding is essential, here’s why!

Email signatures can raise brand awareness, increase engagement and promote your brand value with your branded content. It helps to protect and build your brand’s reputation to drive real business results.

So, while the importance of email signature branding is clear, here are practical ways you can use email signature branding to boost your brand.

#1 Email adds up for brand exposure

Business is all about numbers. Let’s say your business has 10 employees, each is sending 1,000 emails a month (which is an accepted average). That’s a total of 120,000 emails a year. With a 99% open rate, that’s a huge 111,880 annual brand impressions your email signatures make.

#2 Designs to deliver the professional brand image

When you design email signatures to boost your brand, every element – your image, font, colour, and logo – all need to meet your exact brand identity guidelines. It is your employees’ digital business card and needs to make the right impression.

#3 Centrally control signatures for company’s wide brand consistency

Consistency is indeed the key to strong branding. Whether your business has 1,000 or 10 employees, you need all their emails to be on-brand. All you need to do is choose the email signature software that puts you in central control of ‘tamper-proof’ employee signatures. Make updates to all signatures in an instant, prevent employees from getting ‘creative’ with their signatures and eliminate the chances of brand damage.

#4 Make sure your brand displays the right thing every time on every device

You must not let different email devices and clients damage your brand. Your brand identity needs to look the same on mobile as it looks on a desktop.

#5 Adding interactive items to boost the brand’s social engagement

Email signature must be the key element in your brand’s social media marketing strategy. All you need to do is simply add interactive social media icons to your signature and link to your branded social media profiles. You need to ensure the recipients get the brand’s latest messaging by only featuring social media platforms that you manage actively.

#6 Add an email marketing banner

Interactive banners make each email a brand marketing tool. You must use the best branded eye-catching imagery, a compelling email banner headline, and a clear call-to-action to get the recipients by clicking through to the explainer videos, ebooks, case studies, blogs, websites, latest brand promotions, and even your sales platform.

Real-time click alerts can help your sales and service team to respond immediately to any recipient engagement.

#7 Reflect your brand’s structure with signatures

If your business has established sub-brands or constituent companies for certain services or products, add an email signature sub-brand alongside the master brand. A dual endorsed branding or email signature on email signatures can also be designed to show your brand hierarchy whilst maintaining your business’s brand integrity.

Online reviews can break or make a brand’s reputation. If your brand has a 5-star rating, you must show it on your email signature and link to the full reviews site so that the recipients can click-through and see for themselves. You can also boost the brand just by adding up a call-to-action in your signatures and request reviews from the recipients. Reviews will help to boost the search ranking and online reputation of your brand.

#9 Showcase brand awards and accreditations

In few industries (medical, financial, legal) professional accreditation is expected and essential. Reassure recipients by featuring yours on your signature, linking to any detailed descriptions on your website. You can also give your brand some star quality by including awards and linking through to all the details and coverage of the award’s event.

#10 Social responsibility of your brand

If you want to promote your brand’s social initiative scholarship or eco-credentials, you can do it in your business email signature. All you need to do is simply add the logos or icons of your chosen initiatives and charities and link them directly to the “support social responsibility” content on your website so that recipients can find out more.

Protecting your brand is as important as promoting it. It is designed to meet industry, company, and wider legal compliance regulations. The correct disclaimer helps to ensure that from copyright and code of conduct to confidentiality and contracts, your business brand is covered.

#12 Boost brand’s loyalty with a ‘sign-up’ in your signature

All you need to use is a simple ‘sign up now’ call-to-action on the email signature that will help you to grow your brand’s loyalty program or newsletter database. If you actively opt for it, the audience can directly engage with your brand and you can easily keep it top of mind with loyalty program updates, promotion, a regular newsletter, customer lifetime value, and increasing the chances of future sales.

#13 Strengthening corporate brand culture with internet email signature branding

If you want all your staff to breathe and live your brand, add branded banners and signatures to the internal emails. It helps to increase satisfaction surveys, social event sign-ups, and engagement opportunities. With all these factors, you can easily promote new company training sessions and policies. Everything will help to strengthen your company’s culture and keep everyone ‘on brand’.

#14 Tracking engagements to measure the signature branding success

You must know who in your team is sending out the most branded emails and which recipients are clicking through to your branded content. If you want to understand how successful your email signatures drive brand engagement, you need email signature management software with analytics and reporting, recipient click-through, and tracking every branded email.


It is now clear that for an effective branding strategy, email signatures are a must. However, the above 15 brand-boosting tips will help you to squeeze into your business’s email signatures. You must prioritize the factors that will give your brand a perfect professional image and protect it.If you want central management for email signatures, you can choose Patronum as it can help save a lot of your time spent on manually creating them and keeping them updated with changes in role and design.

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